Karim Benzema who have never played any National team competition for France since the last six years has been called to lead the Forward in the coming European competition for France, in their recent game against Bulgaria, France was able to beat them 3-0 in a friendly game but in this game there was a different story that set to put Karim Benzema out of the Euro 2020 . France played with most of their best player in this game with Benzema, Griezmann, Mbappe, Tolisso, Kante, Pavard, Varane, Kimpembe, Lucas, and Lloris.

Benzema was injured and was substituted in the 41 minutes of the first half and watch the remaining game from the bench as it was hard for him to continue the game and Olivier Giroud replaced him. As Benzema left the game he was in tears and he thought it was all over for him to show himself for his country that he has last played for six years ago. Benzema injury was a bruise on his right knee but it is said it was never a serious one after several examinations.

The France national coach Deschamps has declared that it is never a injury that could stop him from not completing the game against Bulgaria but it was a wise decision made as he called for substitution, the medical team are taking good care of Benzema and he should recover swiftly so that he will likely be able to play the opening game against Germany on the 15th. Griezmann scored once and Olivier Giroud scored twice to give France a cool winner.