Thomas Tuchel has impacted Chelsea team since he took over from Frank Lampard, he has managed 9 games din e his arrival winning 6 and 3 draw, no loss record and also on a 6 clean sheets. in the 9 games so far Chelsea has conceded only 2 goal which shows how strong and solid the defense has been. his tactics has put in more attacking spirits and more ability to play in the players.

He mentioned how he is so happy to have N'Golo Kanté because he has been aiming to sign him since he was in Paris Saint-Germain in 2018 to 2020 but finally he has opportunities to have him. Kante is a great player that can play as double 6, his combination with either Jorginho or Matteo Kovacic is wonderful, Kante is a player who loved to play to help the team and also plays as a defensive and central Midfielder. since his arrival from Leicester City he has been a regular player and played under several managers.

N'Golo Kanté has played a total of 201 matches for Chelsea, though there has been several rumours that Kante want to leave for Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid but Kante never had any intention of leaving the team because of his love for the team.