The offline and online secondary ticket market in the football world shifts billions a year. A problem that tends to harm companies and fans in favor of a few big players able to grab as many tickets as possible and then resell them at higher prices. Ian Ayre has thought of a solution to solve this problem by using the blockchain.

Ian Ayre is a 55-year-old English gentleman, former CEO of Liverpool FC and current CEO of the Nashville MLS team.

His idea is to create a platform working on blockchain to allow transparency in the distribution of tickets to eliminate the intermediary. Too many times the scalper has hit the pockets of companies and fans, sometimes even with actions and mafia-style cases. See the Juventus case for example.

Footies Tech Ltd. is the company created by Ian to achieve this goal. According to reports from various online newspapers, including the prestigious Bloomberg, there would be an agreement between Ian and TechFinancials, for the acquisition by the latter of 75% of the shares of Footies.

TechFinancials Inc. was a binary option and brokerage company that has now turned into a blockchain company. They promise to make their software and best developers available to build the infrastructure that will support this new model.

The sale took place for the sum of 500,000 USD and this new platform that will act on blockchain will be called NewCo. The idea has a noble but difficult to implement purpose: it will not be easy to understand the blockchain to all the companies and all the parties involved, but above all, it will be necessary to build a sustainable and profitable business model for everyone.


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