Yesterday at the Meazza stadium in Milan one of the most awaited matches of this season was staged. The Inter faced the Napoli, in a challenge between the two teams best equipped to try to remove the Scudetto from Juventus.

This should have been: a challenge between two great teams, between Icardi and Insigne, Handanovic and Meret, Koulibaly and De Vrij-Skriniar, a match between so many champions and it was, up to a certain point. The match, in my opinion, was very balanced, the first half Inter played a little better and in the second half, it was Napoli to have control. Up to 75', where Mazzoleni expelled Koulibaly for a double yellow card due to a doubtful foul on a counterattack by Politano and a reaction with sarcastic applause from the Neapolitan.

In the final then Inter with the extra man finds the energy to attack and Spalletti inserts Lautaro Martinez, an attacker to try to take the victory, which will then prove to be decisive. In a counterattack towards the final Napoli touches twice the advantage with a shot by Insigne saved by Handanovic and with a shot on the rebound by Zielinski who is denied the goal only by a save on the line by Asamoah. After 92 minutes on a cross deflected by Keita, Lautaro arrives with a perfect diagonal pierces Meret. In the final nervousness by Insigne who is expelled in turn for a kick to Keita. Mario Rui at the end of the match was furious against the referee Mazzoleni. Inter beats Napoli 1 to 0.


Despite the defeat, it would also have been nice to comment on a challenge like that focusing on the episodes of the match, on the mistakes of Napoli and on Inter's play, but at the end of the game there is yet another fact of crime that is more important to stand out and comment: a boy has lost his life invested by an SUV, just as or before (details have yet to be ascertained) of clashes between "supporters" of the Inter that were hunting for Napoli fans.

In practice yesterday there was a kind of manhunt, urban warfare organized by the fans of the Varese and the Inter fans, who are twinned, in the manhunt against the Neapolitans. A party game became the umpteenth scenario of a sad and cowardly show, where hundreds of people supported each other in the hunt for the opposing team's fans. The data of this urban warfare is still uncertain, there are 4 injured and one died, due to a car accident but in the Novara park near the stadium many blunt objects have been found including hammers and knives. See images of the guerrilla in the Italian post by @giornalista.

Shame also the fact that the President of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis, before the game, in a public interview is said to be worried about the designation of the referee Mazzoleni, guilty of having refused very badly 4 years ago in a Super Cup final between Napoli and Juventus. I can understand his disagreement but a public figure of such depth can not afford to make such statements because even unconsciously triggers a nervousness towards this referee by fans and players on the field.

And last shameful case last night that attests the total defeat of the Italian people, is the continuous Buuu addressed to Kalidou Koulibaly by the Milanese audience for the whole duration of the match. Racist shouts, when Inter also has several black-skinned players in the team. They hurt football, players and all the supporters. Kalidou Koulibaly is an example of professionalism, humanity, and honesty and in that game, he loses his head a little by making sarcastic applause to the referee who will then expel him. All perhaps due to those unacceptable whistles for a Senegalese boy who is very active in the society in the fight against racism.

At the dawn of 2019 in Italy, whistles and insults 90 minutes a boy for good for the different color of his skin are allowed, the presidents make statements that praise hatred and nervousness and the fans are hunting opposing fans to hurt. Even a guy lost his life. And at most they all will receive as punishment a DASPO. So sadly sad.