When you hear the name "Aston Villa", all that comes to your mind is one of the few England's inconsistent teams that are always likely to visit the Premier league this season and say bye bye to it the next one. And to be honest, you're not completely wrong. And I can say you're not completely right either depending on how much of their history you know.

If you're someone that wants to talk about their career starting from their last 5 seasons, then you're right. But if we're to take a very long distance look at the Villas career, then you're so completely wrong.

Aston villa has been a very good and consistent team in the English Premier league. The team enjoyed a consistent stay in Premier league since before and after the birth of the said League itself. The English Premier League was created in the year 1992/1993 where it had it's first season with just 22 teams of which Aston Villa is one.

The Villas fought their stay in the Premier league from the year of it's birth (1992/1993) till 2016/2017 when the team relegated to Championship Division. And if my calculation is right, that's a stay that's as long as 24 years. Staying 24 years without relegating to the smaller division is a good record if you ask me unlike the likes of most teams Villa is always compared to.

After losing their spot in the English Premier league in the 2016/2017 season, it was hard for the Villas to fight their way back immediately and this made them to go through a forced stay for 3 seasons straight before finding their way back to the EPL in the 2019/2020 season.

The 2019/2020 season was not a very interesting one for Aston Villa as well, as they're so lucky that they escaped relegation after having a total of 35 points, which is just a single point better than Bournemouth which is included among the team that bid EPL farewell that season. Of all 38 matches, Aston Villa won just 9, drawing 8 matches and losing a total of 21 matches. And if you ask me, I'd say that's a not-so-good record.

Fast forward to 2020/2021 season, it was a different story entirely as Aston Villa has done the unthinkable more than any team in England. Aston Villa have actually got themselves a lot of guts as they've stolen away some points from the said big teams in England.


First it was the Premier League defending Champions who suffered an unbelievable defeat in the hands of the Villas when they were beaten 7 goals to 2 during their last visit to the Villa Park (Aston Villa stadium). Second was the team currently sitting in the first position in the Premier league table, Leicester City. The Villas showed Leicester what disrespect is all about when they paid them a visit at the King Power Stadium just to steal away from them a complete 3 points.


You would agree with me that Villa is actually aiming at the Big Names only. It appears so to me when they are defeated in their last two matches against Southampton and Leeds United just after they beat Leicester, Just to pay a visit to the Emirates stadium and wire Arsenal 3 goals to nil. This made most fans conclude that Aston Villa are targeting the big names more as their performance when playing the big teams is beautiful and unexpected.

Currently sitting at the 6th position in the Premier League table with 15 points (2.5 points less than half of their total points last season), Aston Villa can actually find their way to the second position if they win their outstanding match against Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday.

The question is, "Is this just the normal quick-drama stunt most of these small teams pulls off at the beginning of the season, or Aston Villa have actually come to stay at the top 4 for the 2020/2021 EPL season?"

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