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According to Merriam Webster dictionary a role model is a person whose behaviour in a particular role is imitated by others. One of such example of a role model in soccer is the Brazilian football legend kaka. Born Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite in the city of Gama, Brazil. Kaka's love for football started from his formative years.

In this age where footballers exude pride and exhibit characters that are nothing to write home about, kaka stood out and differenciated him self from the flock.

An avid follower of the evangelical Rebirth in Christ church, kaka became engrossed in religion at the age of 12. In his words "I learnt that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not."  Ever since he has not denied his love for Christ. He has removed his jersey on several occasions to reveal " I BELONG TO JESUS" t-shirt and openly engaged in prayer moments after the final whistle of Brazil's 2002 World Cup, Milan's 2004 Scudetto, and the 2007 Champion's League triumphs. 

In goal celebrations he usually points to the sky as a gesture of thanks to God. Younger footballers like David Luiz, Neymar and Gabriel Jesus have openly declared their love for kaka.

David Luiz is fond of kaka and everywhere he goes he tells people kaka is the footballer he looks up to. In an interview by Chelsea Fc luiz said:

"I say it all times, he is my role model, I love him". 

A gentleman on and off the pitch he remarked. Apart from being a gentleman he also looks out for younger players. Gabriel Jesus posted a video some days to the world cup. In the video, kaka called him on phone and prayed for him. What a man!

Kaka is a true role model for today's young people that want to become football players. Douglas Costa on the other hand is a big shame. Spitting into an opponent's mouth is very rude and this attitude shouldn't be condoned in the soccer world. How will he feel when younger footballers constantly remind him of this misbehavior when he finally hangs his boots. Football is watching.

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