Football observers, Phil Neville, quipped one penggawa national team (national team) Switzerland, Granit Xhaka, when the team of magpies living dead against Sweden in the semis of the World Cup 2018. According to the former Manchester United player that, be the cause of the defeat of Switzerland Xhaka from Sweden, so the team nicknamed "La Nati was knocked of the four football annual.

Switzerland was eliminated from the World Cup in 2018 after defeated 0-1 of Sweden. Based on the vision of Neville, gol created Emil Forsberg on 66 minutes may not occur if Xhaka with alacrity blocking space shoot players RB Leipzig.

Before Forsberg catapults our effective kicks, Xhaka indeed was near the Sweden players. However, it does not quickly close the Xhaka movement Forsberg, even players that Arsenal had stumbled. No doubt, Neville quipped Xhaka as embarrassing and so cause the defeat of Switzerland in a match.

"For those goals (made Forsberg), he (Xhaka) is very embarrassing. He was knocked down on the field and let Forsberg through it easily. Perhaps at this time he was sitting in the locker room while thinking ' I have a great match today, I feed off to the side to my teammates ' "said Neville, quoting from the Mirror, Wednesday (4/7/2018).

"We've seen it a week while still at Arsenal and a week later, he's less disciplined (in the match). He's not the type of player that I like. He has made his team (national team Switzerland) conceded. He doesn't do anything, he's a fake, "the lid.