At FIFA's The Best gala in London there were many heroes and two anti-heroes - Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The lack of these two heroes of the modern ball, who have been collecting all prizes for ten years, was noticeable and showed how small they are.

Some of you may wonder what is the BOOBY PRIZE. It's a prize given as a joke to the last-place finisher in a race or competition or in a recognition of a terrible performance. The best known are The Golden Raspberry Awards which are given to the worst in the films every year. In this case we can say that Ronaldo and Messi earned to receive such reward for their behavior or maybe we should rather say for the lack of their behavior because they didn't even show up on the gala.

During the summer there were national championships and cups, the Champions League, and the Super Cup, finally the season ended with the World Cup. So the time has come to summaries and awards the best.

For all those who have compromised themselves during the last season, most often in the front of billions of people, causing astonishment, rage and laughter, nobody organized any gala, because they would not appear on it anyway. They do not have as much distance to each other as many actors and directors who at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards (the opposition of the Oscars) can laugh at themselves with others.

At the FIFA The Best gala there were many heroes and two anti-heroes.

And how the former coach of Real and Juventus, Fabio Capello, commented this case?
He said that their absence is lack of respect, not only for the players but also for the whole world of football. He also mentioned that it might be a case that those two great players won so many times that now they do not like to lose. Of course they should know how to behave no matter if they win or lose.

The lack of these two heroes of the modern ball, who have been collecting all prizes for ten years, was visible and showed their smallness. Everyone who received an invitation was honored and had a great time at the event, but above all guests wanted to express respect for the winners and simply comradeship which is a necessary feature in this team sport after all. The Portuguese and Argentinian received countless tributes and, as you can see now, with the prizes in their hands they were giving false speech, hypocritical thanks and appreciation of their colleagues and rivals. When they learned that Luka Modrić will win this time, they did not come to London. It was not the first time they were so mean, they also canceled their visit to Monaco, where Croatian was also chosen as the Footballer of the Year.

There were also prizes waiting for Ronaldo and Messi - the place in The Best XI of the year, chosen by the professional association of footballers. But what does it matter for them, Ronaldo found himself in it for the twelfth time and Messi for the ninth time. If they do not get the main prize, they do not care for everything and everyone. They do not care about their colleagues, fans, sponsors, the authorities of the world federation and their own clubs. And thanks to all of them, they can enjoy great popularity, they became rich, and children dream about them all over the world. They are giants of football, but no matter how hard they would have tried, they will not win any games or any cup on their own. They behaved like spoiled, sulky boys. They should send Modric an apology and bouquets of flowers. If someone tells them, because they will not figure it out on their own.

What do you think about their behavior?