In the Europa League, the two German representatives, Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen, were not able to get beyond a draw. Nevertheless, after their respective away games in the first round of the knockout phase, both teams still have good chances to reach the round of the last sixteen.

Unfortunately, Eintracht Frankfurt's impressive series of 6 consecutive wins in the group phase is now history. After the met the Ukrainian team Schachtar Donezk, Eintracht had to settle for a 2:2 result.

And this despite having played almost 80 minutes in excess, since already in the 11th minute Schachtar player Taras Stepanenkosah saw his second yellow-card for repeated fouls. At this point, the game was already rich in first highlights and until then the fans of both teams were allowed to cheer or despair.

At first it was Eintracht player Martin Hinteregger, who in the 7th minute after a free kick headed the ball into the goal of the hosts to score the lead. But Donezk's answer came immediately, with Marlos coldly scoring a penalty after Brazilian Moraes was fouled in the Frankfurt penalty area.

Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv, photo Валерий Дед

The match calmed down a little during the first half, although Frankfurt kept trying to build up some pressure. In the second half, the guests got stronger and stronger and tried to take advantage of their numerical advantage, which they finally did in the 50th minute. After a great cross from Jovic, it was Filic Kostic who got the ball on the far post and who had no problems pushing the ball into the goal to score the second Frankfurt lead.

But those who had then thought that Donezk would start to surrender now were quickly shown different. The hosts didn't think of giving up, and after surviving the Frankfurt's next power play, it was Taison who in the 67th minute, after a beautiful double pass, scored the second equaliser.

Frankfurt tried everything to score the winning goal, but particularly Costa failed several times in promising positions. As a consequence, in the end the scoreboard was showing a 2:2 and both teams still have a good chance to reach the next round.

And even if Frankfurt's winning streak has been broken, in the Europa League Eintracht nowhas not lost for 7 matches. If the build on that in the second leg, then there could be much more possible in it this season.

The second German team Bayer Leverkusen was visiting the Russian team FK Krasnodar and in this game too, both teams had to share the points.

Unfortunately this game was not as exciting as the game in Donetsk, since neither team managed to score a goal during the whole 90 minutes. In the 88th minute Bayer player Lucas Alario managed to get the ball behind the host's goal line, but because of previous hand-play this goal was unfortunately not given.

In the first half, the game was still quite level and it was the hosts from Krasnodar who through Kristoffer Olsson had the best opportunity, but with his shot from seven meters the Swedish player missed the goal of Leverkusen.

After the change, it was the guests who got the game under their control, but Leverkusen failed to create any really dangerous situations. And since the Krasnodar players didn't seem to able to do much either, the were left with a goalless draw.

In the second leg in front of their own audience, the team from Leverkusen around coach Peter Bosz still has very good chances to secure the ticket for the round of the last sixteen, even though they will have to improve considerably compared to yesterday's match.

Let's hope that the two German representatives in the Europa League don't mess up this good position so that we can see both Frankfurt and Leverkusen playing in the round of the last sixteen as well.