This contest is for real sport experts. If you are not, please leave this place right now, you can just get a poor show !

I'm joking…Welcome everybody to the contest !

A tip for you: players in this contest are SOCCER PLAYERS


If you want to partecipate you have to follow some simple rules.


1) Upvote this post and follow me

2) Guess the name and surname of 1,2, or all 3 soccer players in the previous picture writing them in a comment in this post in the following way:

Example of comment:

EYES: Juan Sebastián Verón

NOSE: Roberto Carlos

MOUTH: Peter Schmeichel

3) You can give the answers for the questions (eyes, nose, mouth) just 1 time.

4) Only the person(s) that firstly writes the correct answer(s) for 1,2,or 3 questions wins. So if you answer correctly to all questions but someone has given, for example, one correct answer before you, then you win just for two correct answers and so on.



For 1 correct answer the winner will receive my upvote with level 30% on the comment

For 2 correct answers the winner will receive my upvote with level 60% on the comment

For 3 correct answers the winner will receive my full (100%) upvote on the comment


The GAME ENDS when all the correct answers will be guessed OR on Monday 20 August (Italian time) if some questions is not guessed.