Today is another match day from most teams across different Leageus EPL, Seria A, and so on, and yet had a lot of matches which are not to be missed. Many matches to be discussed today but Arsenal vs Chelsea still remains my focus, because it was an amazing game play and very technical too.

Today, we saw lukaku life in action for his new Chelsea team after he joined them some weeks ago from Inter Milan, lukaku who was formerly a player of Manchester United before he left for Italian side to play for Inter Milan and he was a wonderful asset to them and besides he was also a goal machine there too unlike when he played for Manchester United.

Though, while lukaku was at United, he performed but not as that of his Italian performance which was superb compared to his Manchester United performance, however he is back in England now but this time for a new team which happens to be Chelsea and his first match with them was really awesome.

Nevertheless, today’s match against Arsenal was a beautiful performance from the Chelsea side and even lukaku too and besides lukaku’s goal gave Chelsea a lead in the 15mins of the match from an assist done by Reece James, also Chelsea didn’t stop there as they added another goal in the 35mins, this time by Reece James from Mount assist which gave Chelsea the lead till the end of the first half.

Moreso, the match ended a 2 goals to nill because they was no goal from both teams in the second half, but believe me Chelsea was on fire and could have scored more because they really had possessions of the match and also better chances of scoring but the match later ended with the first half scores.

With this match Arsenal just lost, this becomes the second match Arsenal is losing in a role and making them fall at the 19th position down the EPL table, which is a very bad stats from the Arsenal team and which really is an important issue for Arsenal if care is not taken. Besides, Arsenal would also be facing another difficult threat in their next match which is Manchester city and if care is not taken they would lose another 3points and which would make them still be at the bottom of the table, well the league is still at the early face and we never can tell Arsenal might still bounce back but for now let’s just see what happens in the next match against Manchester city.