Tottenham Away channel

Campaign of intimidation of everyone who see real problem in Tottenham Hotspur football club is ongoing. One of the most prominent you tube channel "Tottenham Away" faces few copyright strikes and youtube will probably switch it off. It's happening now when it's growing for 100 users per week and when it reached 10,600 subscribers. It became to significant and obviously upset someone. Do you remember when pundit Mr. Jamie O'hara said something and received angry threatening call from club half hour after he expressed his opinion about serial loser ownership ? Ex player Danny Rose told he won't tell what he thinks because he still want to go to that training ground! Stellios and Iggy from Tottenham Away will make new channel to Tottenham Away 2 and continue to express their honest opinions about those serial losers from ENIC and their accountant chairman Daniel Levy.

Petition "Remove Daniel Levy" has reached over 10,600 signatures. You can sign it or check status here: Remove Daniel Levy is also Trending on twitter and I love it!

There will be a protest on Match Day against Brighton on Saturday. It's organized by the most famous Enic and Levy Out person Brian Dagul. Big up for him, his friend Kauff from TottenhamOnTour channel, Stell and Iggy from Tottenham Away (2_, also for people from Asia who hold Asia Spurs TV channel. Big up to Tottenham Watch twitter account who invited people to sign petition too.

Big boo for SpursTalkShow, Tottenham fan ChrisCowlin and TottenhamWalkShow.

Big question for TottenhamTV and TheIrishHotspur will you mention protest in your podcasts or let someone who will protest on your podcasts ? Why are you not talking about ownership more ?

I will put some reasons for removing Daniel Levy:

#1 He's not honest person, but person who lied a lot of times.

#2 He is ruling this football club like Despot.

#3 He is buying players he wants because they are on discount not because coach or Director of Football want them.

#4 He is buying players despite he doesn't even know who next manager will be.

#5 He is constantly keeping and rewarding with new contracts players everyone see are not good enough.

#6 He doesn't care about football glory or trophies. He is interested only in earning money.

#7 His vision is club trying to fight to play Europe only and nothing more.

#8 He's prioritizing 4th place over winning domestic cups!

#9 He sacked Jose Mourinho 6 days before League Cup final because he wanted to rest some players in Premier League to win the cup and to avoid paying him bonuses in case of winning a trophy.

#10 He didn't back Rednapp when he was close to push for the title.

#11 He didn't back Poch when he was close to push for the title.

#12 He is unable to follow any football project.

#13 He is sacking mangers every year or year and a half or as soon as they show ambition to win something.

#14 He is allowing players to give him ultimatums and to basically decide when some coach should go out of the club.

#15 He is dragging negotiations about new players until last day of transfer window to avoid paying them salary for that month.

#16 He buys players on only God knows how many installments and majority of clubs call working with him "a nightmare".

#17 He is interfering in every decision inside the club.

#18 Youth academy is in bad condition not producing first team ready players fast enough.

#19 Medical staff of club is shocking and to many times player injury lasted for far longer than it should.

#20 He is charging the most expensive ticket prices in England and threatens to increase them !?

#21 State of recruitment in this club is shockingly bad.

#22 Network of scouts are one of the worst in England.

#23 He forced Paul Mitchell to resign from his position because it was impossible to work under his burdens.

#24 He massively overpaid new stadium.

#25 He and ENIC didn't invest a penny from their pockets for club. They bought it after taking loan from the bank and they build stadium by loaning money from the bank.

#26 He's claiming he has no money in every transfer window.

#27 He is unable to stop non sport influence over players.

#28 There is possibility he is main source of that non sport influence.

#29 There is no evidence known to me he is Tottenham fan at all.

#30 There is a possibility he is a Trojan Horse installed in club to kill it and convert it into some NFL franchise.

#31 For almost a decade club with the best striker in the world Harry Kane and the best duo Son and Kane didn't win anything.

#33 For 22 years under him this club won one fucking League Cup!

#34 He intimidate people because of their opinions against him!

#35 He fired some low workers from club during pandemic like they are rages!

#36 He gives himself the biggest salary among football directors.

#37 Arsenal fan Simon Jordan from Talk Sport is his biggest defender!

#38 Every man who rules like Despot who is in charge for to long is losing his mind and can't answer on tasks after some time. Vladimir Putin is the best example of that. Twenty two years is to long period of same ownership!

#39 Because they said long time ago this: "There is no passion here in football. This is purely financial. We chose football because it is the biggest money spinner."

#40 Tottenham paid their directors more than any other team in the Premier League last season.

Good bye Levy! Feel free to put your reasons in comment section if you like.

If you live in London or close please join the protest and chant

"We want Levy Out",

"Get out of our club Daniel Levy get out of our club" or

"We hate Levy, Daniel Levy I just don't think you understand!
He hates silver pots, his board are bunch of bots we hate Daniel Levy."

If you come on Brighton game don't buy drinks in protest. Don't wait for March and Mitoma to make it 0:2 for Brighton to start singing against Levy. Start rocking this stadium in 22th minute, turn toward his location during signing. Send him good message: It's time for ChangeForTottenaham!