Tottenham identified player who can instantly improve first squad, player wants to move, his club asks for reasonable price, but then chairman from minority stake holder of Spurs, the worst chairman in world football Daniel Levy decide not to pay and says price is too high and offer few millions or less in unknown number of installments and Spurs miss world class player and go down the list and end up with 3rd, 5th or 7th choice from list while some other really big club with ambitious owners comes in and pay sum, get player and win trophies. That's how Spurs ended up with Gedson instead of Bruno Fernandes, Rodon instead of Ruben Dias, that's why Grealish didn't come to Spurs but to Aston Villa, that's why Mane went to Liverpool and not in Tottenham, that's why Trossard went to Arsenal etc... At least Gedson's last name was Fernandes and Rodon's last name starts with R so it must be similar quality , no ? LoL!

Well guess what it happens again! Twitter sources are saying Spurs are interested in Ivan Toney, but you know who decided his price is too high yet again! A lot of "fans" get insulted when you tell them this blatant fact and start to foam in anger saying "What shell we do throw 500 million like Chelsea and get worse ? We paid big sums recently and players didn't elevate us to next level. Those guardians of Mr. Daniel Levy pocket are partly right, he payed medium sums of around 50 millions from time to time for some players, but fail to explain where that need for dickering even on sums like 15-20 millions or lower is coming from ? His weight, I believe in pounds sterling, is around 600 millions , Joe Lewis and his inheritors from Tavistock have even more, but they never invested penny from their pockets into the club. All they did from buying club from Sir Alan Sugar to building new stadium was after loaning money from the bank. Loan is of course on club or read on fans which will need to return it in years to come by buying tickets, club merchandises etc... They turned once famous club into milking cow for taking away money and building residential buildings or hotels in stadium area.

Those who are against current ownership are saying he doesn't want to pay big fees for big players which we need to be competitive for trophies, but I think they are also partly right. He wants to spend but only if he is sure target player is not good, because at the end of the day I believe these owners are not even supporters of Tottenham. In this window they are ready to spend 50-60 millions for reckless player like Gallagher just to help Chelsea to buy some more serious players. Watch them they will do that and then maybe buy some discounted players which will struggle to enter on the bench in this club and then throw at us some statistics trying to prove how good they are ignoring all bad stats like Mr. Allasdair Gold did for Timo Werner. This journalist threw on us stats in which he is 1st, 2nd and somehow forgot to show us his actual shooting statistics which is devastating. Do you think that was by accident ? Then when Mr. Stelios from Tottenham Away asked him why is that he blocked him on Twitter. LoL!

Then Levy fans who love to see buildings around stadium instead of trophies will turn against real fans like Stelios who want to see club fighting for and winning trophies calling them negative, trying to discredit them to initiate blocking of their channels, spreading lies against them etc... "Divide et Impera" like wise man said during Roman Times. "Divide et Impera" is more appropriate for club emblem than "Audere est facere". That's how Mr. Levy is ruling in white part of North London.

Let's return to Ivan Toney. They say price is to high, but I ask you who do you think Spurs will buy on that position instead ? Will they do that or maybe rely on tap in merchant like Richarlison and tell us nonsense how forward line of Son/Werner-Richarlison/Veliz-Johnson/Kulusevski will bring long waited trophy ? Only player there who is on required level is Son and even he has games in which he doesn't show up. Real deal would be Eze, Olise, Gimenez/Toney, but we can only dream about that. They are going in real big clubs with ambitious owners.

Tavistock group didn't hide their intentions from the beginning. You can see picture from their web site. It's full of buildings. They are real estate company which is abusing loyalty of football fans to milk money from them to build new buildings. Mr. Levy told "There is no passion here it's purely financial, we chose football because it's the fastest money spinner."

Question I have no answer for is why majority of fans tolerate such ownership ? They own club for I believe 24 years and didn't win something significant like Premier League, FA Cup or European Cup. I am aware of toxic influence of Mr. Levy trolls from various you tube channels, but fans please ask yourself question why didn't you win significant trophy during reign of those people ? I think it's "Because price is too high".

Do you think they are upset because club didn't win anything ? I can assure you they are not. They will happily rise their wages like Mr. Daniel Levy did with giving him bonuses every year while bold asking for more and more money from the fans. While price for player is almost always to high the highest ticket prices are not high enough and they need to increase for 6%. There you see true colors of Mr. Levy and I can assure you there aren't white, but blue or red. So why do you tolerate him on chairman position ?

I wouldn't even exclude possibility that Mr. Daniel Levy is doing this on purpose and laugh to the fans behind the scenes thinking look what I've done, look what crap I bought them, look how big ticket prices I made, look how big bonus I gave to myself! LoL! He might also exploring how far he can go in this deliberate bad ruling of this football club ? Trojan horse is obviously thinking majority of fans are stupid and will not uproar against him.

To have one of the best strikers in world football, player like Kane and lethal finisher like Son and to fail to build squad capable of fighting for the title around them is equal to crime just like having Romero and Van de Ven in squad and failing to make decent attack while they are here is. Big clubs should have rule saying if owners and directors fail to win trophy for 10 years they must sell club to someone else because they are obviously incompetent or run club wrong on purpose. I think Mr. Daniel Levy is doing last thing.

It's time for fans to unite against this failed owners and to make their voices against them loud. Stop listening Daniel Levy trolls, don't listen their channels, think with your head, believe in what you see on the pitch from players. Otherwise don't cry for trophies and enjoy listening this Afroman banger and sing it 'because price is too high' instead of 'because I got high'. Lalalalala