In match preview I expected easy win for Bayern with 4 or 5 goals in net of Augsburg. I predicted that "Big Neuer will not get ball out of net" and goal of Robert Lewandowski. I could not be far more wrong. First we saw squad without Lewandowski, a squad lead by Wagner and Sanches. Both of them showed why they should not be in squad during the game.

After first half an hour Augsubrg was better side with some good chances to score. Bayern goal machine started to wake up around 30. minute with big chances poorly wasted by Wagner and Sanches. Wagner could not even score alone form 5m with header while Sanches probably tried to bring down some airplanes with his shoots to the moon from good chances. Wagner even came out alone in front of goalkeeper but managed to hit his leg with the ball! What a poor performance by both of them! Sanches made one good shoot which was tipped near post to corner by excellent reserve goalkeeper of Augsburg.

When second half started we saw pure robbery! The ball was in the box and Bayern player hits it like smash in volleyball but referee did not point to the spot! VAR room was also quiet like nothing happens. Hand of Bayern player was not in natural position he hits the ball and prevent it to go where Augsburg player wanted but it was not a penalty! If it is not penalty then I don't know what penalty is! Minute after while Augsburg players were disturbed with this injustice Bayern caught them on counter attack and scored a goal for 1:0! Arian Roben was scorer. He shoot high under the bar.

When everyone thought game has been resolved "Big Manual Neuer" come to the stage. He let the ball go through his hands in one innocent cross which was harshly punished by Götze! What was he doing ? Maybe tried to catch some flies or mosquitoes ? It was just hilarious! We don't see mistakes like that often on this level of competition! It was 86 minute. It was not his first mistake, in first half he passed to oponent player but that was not punished.

Rest of the game passed in attacks from Bayern, there were some chances but panicking defense of Augsburg managed to save the net for final 1:1.

There was interesting comment on Eurosport about Augsburg coach's topcoat "He need only a hat and he could transform to Inspector Clusoe!" Well done inspector you stopped Munich goal machine!

Not pointed penalty showed that Bayern Munich is the most favorable club in german referee circles! I hope this judge and those in VAR room will get some serious ban in Germany. Bayern disappointed it this game!