Kneeling before every game in Premier League

All of us know fact that before every Premier League game players and referees kneel sending strong anti racist message to all spectators. However we watch racism as only matter of skin color. Is it like that ? Can it be racism between people of same skin color even same origin even between people speaking same language ? I think it can. Racism is not only when white owner forbid black customers to come in his restaurant, or when white police officer kill black man without reason, or when leader of Liverpool fans doesn't celebrate John Barnes goal because it's 'scored by nigger'. Is it equally racism when fan group walk and chant they will "kill and slaughter" people from some other nation on Christ Resurrection day in village where majority of population are people from that national group ? I think it is and should be treated accordingly.

Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different ethnicity.

Last one was exactly what happened in born place of Siniša Mihajlović - Borovo village in eastern Croatia. People from that village are mainly Ortodox Serbs and on Eastern Ortodox Resurrection day "fans" of Dinamo Zagreb called Bad Blue Boys came there and under full police protection sing shameful racist songs how they are going to slaughter and kill Serbians!

Bad Blue Boys singing about slaughtering Serbs in mainly Serbian village Borovo

Officials in Croatia condemn such unacceptable behavior, all 20 participants have been identified and some are arrested and will face trials. That's good thing. They are fans of Dinamo Zagreb which came there after memorial in tribute to some Croatian victims of the most recent war which ended more than 25 years ago.

I am well aware there are fools everywhere and that football club can't be held responsible for every mean thing it's fans are doing, but what bothers me is that I didn't read yet how famous Croatian Football Club Dinamo Zagreb came with statement condemning this type of behavior. They should come out loud and clear with such statement strongly condemning such unacceptable behavior and make life ban for those persons for entering in football stadium. That would be clear message saying "If you do that you enter in racist book and you're finished with entering on any football stadium in Croatia and Europe".

If they don't do it it's nice opportunity for over paid UEFA personal to show they are really ready to fight racism everywhere by reminding them they need to condemn such behavior and if they ignore threaten them with removing from UEFA competition because there is no place for racism in football! That is least thing they can do as football club. Croatian Football Association should come out with similar statement because those are "fans" of the biggest club in their country.

If that happen in England I am sure club and FA would react no matter it didn't happen during football game. While they are boycotting social networks like Twitter last weekend for "online racial abuse" look what is happening in other corner of Europe and not on social networks but live and for real!