A group of young people who feel very fond of football or the game they brought from England while sitting on the bench. They all think the same thing is creating a football club. Young men study at Massimo D'Adzello High School and each of them can be described as educated youth. This fact led to the birth of the Juventus club name, the word was taken from Latin which means "youth". At that time, they did not know that on November 1, 1897, a great legend was born through their efforts.

It can be said that this biggest football club was born unexpectedly. The first president to lead the club was Enrico Canfari. While the first soccer field is played in the city of Pytstsa d'Armes, and uses a pink jersey. However, the jersey used by Juventus seems to often cause problems, every time it is washed, the color of the jersey always wears off.

Three years later they wanted to replace the color of the jersey, one of the Juventus players from England, Tom Gordon Savage who had worked in the textile industry advised his club to order clothes from his home country. Savage said that textiles in the UK are known for number one quality. The management also agreed with Savage's proposal and finally they made a jersey in Notthingham, England. When Juventus's order jersey arrived in Turin, all players, staff and club officials felt shocked because the color of the jersey sent was black and white.

Their first match occurred at the national championship in 1900. And five years later, they won the first trophy in a fierce match against Milan and Genoa.

After World War I, the team returned to the match with enthusiasm, Juventus goalkeeper Jakone and defender Novo and Bruna were the first Juventus players to receive an official invitation to the Italian national team. At that time, the team president was led by Corradino Corradini who was a poet and also a songwriter for the club, which was used until the 60s of the last century.

In 1923 it was a special year for the Juventus team, where Giampiero Combi made his team's debut and will always be remembered throughout history. On July 24 at a meeting of the club's shareholders will officially announce that the club's new president is Edoardo Agnelli, son of the famous car founder.

In the same year Juventus moved to Stadio di Corso Marsiglia. The number of team supporters continues to grow, and the strength of the club itself in Italian football, they have reliable players such as: Kombi - Rosetta - Munerati - Bigatto and Grubbi.

Juventus won their first league title in 1905, after ending the match in the previous two seasons as runners-up. In total now they have won 32 Serie A trophies (if counted with two titles revoked due to the Calciopoli scandal), and in it along with five Scudetto successively from 1930/1931 to 1935/1936. They also became an Italian club with the most Scudetto.

The main reasons for the success of the team in this golden period were coach Carlo Carcano and players such as: Orsi - Cariaris - Monty - Cesarini - Varlena - Bertolini - Ferrari and Borel II. Juventus made a significant contribution to the Italian national team, as happened in 1934 in Rome they won the World Championship. In the 1930s they gave the team first experience to participate in international competitions at club level, because Juventus began to take part in the European Champions Cup.

They also became a club that was quite successful in Europe. Juventus made it to the Champions League final round eight times, and managed to win two of them, namely in 1985 and 1996. But in 1985, their victory was accompanied by the Heysel tragedy, which killed 39 people who attended the 1985 Champions League final at Heysel which brings Juventus and Liverpool together.