The coach of Milan's Gennaro Gattuso have commented over the defeat of his army against Juventus.

Gennaro Gattuso / AC Milan.F.C - source

We need to try to find the reason, yellow card or something else. We lost to a team that is clearly stronger than us. We play with a winning team for a few years and every summer always buy a star.

We do what we are supposed to do. We are behind in the game and acting naive to two goals, but Juventus did not destroy us. The segment we look great, but Juventus are a team from another level, and it should be accepted.

Juventus is not only the strongest Club in Italy. They are on the same level with Barcelona and Manchester City. We can survive until the end of the game, in the first minute of the second half 20-25 we had possession and created plenty of chances.

Possible penalties could change things, but we're not able to cope with their physical strength and speed. We had a few players from the penalty point, and they decide between them who shot.

Higuain feel ready to take responsibility, but he's wrong. This is already happening, Kessie also does print none last season. I hope Higuain apologised for behaviour in the presence of the arbitrator.

She needs to learn to control yourself. I saw the tremendous pressure he feels when he decided to shoot the former club. Anyone who has played football understands the role in difficult situations like this.