As a United fan, I felt really pained when I began to read series of comments about United performance too poor in the first half, and it was that poor that they conceded 3 goal with the last one being an own goal, it's just so painful.

Just going through the match Stat, one can easily say that City played less effective in the second half and allowed United to struggle more for goals. Aside having the poor performance in the first half, I'm quite furious at Ole's decision on the squad for that match yesterday, we've got nothing much to fight for this season and the Carling Cup could have been a sense of compensation for United.

What I'm saying is, Martial could have started alongside Greenwood, Lingard was not even a need in the match. Yes, our midfield was quite empty yesterday, not have Pogba nor Scott there was a great absence but he should have kept our strength in the forward just like we had at the back!

Nucleus Writes.📝