Women's World Cup in France 2019. Qualifying round of the tournament that faces the USA and Spain teams at the Stade Auguste-Delaune II in the city of Reims. The 70 minute match is played when the Spanish Virginia Torrecilla knocks down the American Ravelle for the referee to point out the second penalty. This maximum penalty was confirmed by the VAR after several minutes of consultation and the referee went to the monitor. Five minutes later, in 75, the USA team scored their second goal from the 11 meters not without controversy in the shot. After the signaling of the penitentiary, the North American captain Meagn Rapione, in charge to kick the penitentiaries, offered the ball to him to Alex Mogran so that this one sent the second penitentiary of the party. Morgan went to take the responsibility but, Jill Ellis, the selector, decided that it was again Rapione the cue ball. The captain scored the 2-1 that gave the USA qualification to the quarterfinals.

In the match already concluded and asked by the journalists, Morgan commented: "Rapione gave me the ball but, the final decision is from the coach, I returned the ball and she sent it to the back of the net." On the other hand, Captain Rapione argues: "I gave the ball to Alex because I threw the first one and I thought we had to change the shot."