Euro2020: Czech Republic - Denmark

The penultimate quarterfinal match at Euro2020 brought a confrontation between the Czech Republic and Denmark. If the second broke through after Erickson's injury, then the first, with the efforts of Shik, were able to reach the ¼ finals. Denmark looks to be the favorite today. At the same time, Chic will want to score and catch up with Ronaldo.

Bookmakers' quotes for the ¼ final of Euro2020: Czech Republic - Denmark

P1: 4.15

P2: 2.13

X: 3.18

TM2.5: 1.57

TB2.5: 2.56

Euro2020 quarterfinal match review: Czech Republic - Denmark

From the first minutes it is worth waiting for the game on a collision course, without a gate. A relatively inactive game will last about 10 minutes. At the same time, Denmark will try to take possession of the ball and figure out some kind of assault in the first 15 minutes.

Review of the first half of the Euro2020 ¼ final: Czech Republic - Denmark

The game began with a struggle. But already in the 5th minute Delaney was actively playing with his head after a corner kick. He outplayed both the defense and the goalkeeper. Goal! Denmark comes forward. The game will not open immediately, but the Czechs already need to score.

After a missed goal, the Czech Republic began to play more actively and aggressively. In the 15th minute, Shevchik does not shoot accurately. But Denmark did not want to sit out on the defensive. On the 17th Delaney shoots wide of the gate.

On the 20th minute, Souchek shoots wide. On the 22nd, Holesh shoots on target. But Schmeichel plays confidently and does not concede. On the 26th, Souchepk shoots past again. In the 27th minute, Braithwaite shoots wide.

It was noticeable that the Czechs were counting on horse play. Submissions to the goalkeeper and penalty area followed almost immediately, as soon as the moment appears. On the 35th, Holesh already hits the target, but into the hands of Schmeichel.

On the 38th minute, the Danes responded with an accurate shot from Damsgor. But the blow was not dangerous. In the 42nd minute, Denmark makes a serious claim to win. After a cross from the left flank, Dolberg was able to get ahead of the defenders and score. Denmark took the lead: 0 - 2. Now the Czech Republic needs to move forward with large forces. In the second half, the game can be open and scoring.

The arbiter added 2 minutes. The teams could not distinguish themselves with active actions. I remember only the foul of the Czechs against the Danes. As a result, the teams outplayed 4 minutes.

Review of the second half of the ¼ final of Euro2020: Czech Republic - Denmark

The Czech coach makes 2 substitutions. On the 46th minute, Krmenchik (who came on as a substitute) shoots on target. Immediately, on the 47th, Barack punches tightly on target. Schmeichel was able to reach and parry the blow. M in the 49th minute Patrick Schick scores against Denmark. The Czech Republic is back in the game. Score: 1 - 2.

It’s strange. On the one hand, the Czechs tried to recoup. But before the 90th minute, it was the Danes who struck two shots on target. The Czech Republic could not even break through on goal. The arbiter adds 7 minutes. On the one hand, we saw how the Czech Republic tried to equalize the score. They even struck 2 times on goal, but far from being accurate. It turns out that Shika and the company were only enough for one goal. There was no more aggression.

Thus, Denmark reaches the semifinals. They will have to face England, which plays very reliably on the defensive. Kane played in the attack. It will be hard. Apparently, England will be in the final.