Euro2020 first half review: Poland - Slovakia

In the first round of the Euro2020 group stage, Poland played against Slovenia. In the match, the Bookmakers were clearly on the side of the Poles. To win them: 1.77. To win Slovakia: 5.7. Moreover, they believed that the match would be grassroots. On TM2.5: 1.64.

Euro2020 match review: Poland - Slovakia

Here it was clear that Poland would dominate. The Slovaks will try to play from the harrow and score at least once. But Poland has a trump ace - M. Lewandowski. He can score at any moment.

Euro2020 first half review: Poland - Slovakia

The first minutes showed that the Poles will try to move quickly from defense to attack. Lewandowski will try to shoot from different positions. He struck the first time at 4, and the second time at the 5th. Both hits were blocked.

Poland has seized the initiative. But on the 18th minute, thanks to active action in the attack, Slovenia was able to take the lead. But the goal was scored by the Poles. Schensny scored his own goal. This error can be fatal.

But Kutska distinguished himself by a poignant moment. He shot in the 27th minute. But after hitting the ball flew over the crossbar. On the 33rd minute, Kutska hits the target. But right into the hands of the goalkeeper. On 34-1 minutes, Kykhovyak breaks through, but misses the target. A minute later, Zielinski already breaks past the goalpost of Slovakia.

On the 36th minute Gamshik breaks through, but he also misses the target. The game is almost equal, with a slight advantage for Slovakia. Lewandowski delivered a relatively normal shot on goal in 42 minutes. But he missed the target. 1 minute was added to the first half. As a result, the first half ended with a minimal advantage for Slovakia.

Euro2020 second half review: Poland - Slovakia

Poland started the half as actively as possible. Lynette scores a goal in the 46th minute. He compares the bill. The Poles still have 45 minutes ahead to win the match. In the second half, the Poles increased their speed. This made their game more aggressive and goal-oriented. On the 51st minute, Lynette had a chance to create a double. But the opponent's goalkeeper played confidently and reliably.

On the 53rd minute, Glick was already hitting his head. The ball flies over the bar. On the 53rd, Garaslin responded with his kicks towards the opponent's goal. On the 63rd minute of the meeting, Krykhovyak gets the second yellow one, as a result - the red one. Poles remain in the minority.

On 69 minutes Slovakia takes the lead. Shkrynyar scores. After that, the game calmed down. The Slovaks were in no hurry to go forward. The Poles did not succeed in the attack. On 77 minutes Bednarek shoots on target, but to no avail. On the 88th minute, after the rebound, the ball does not fly into the goal. Immediately, the moment was Lewandowski. But even here there is no goal. At 90 + 1 minutes, Bednarek breaks through, but the ball miraculously does not fly into the goal. The arbiter added 4 minutes.

On 90 + 4 minutes, Lewandowski gives up Sviderski. The latter punches into the hands of the Slovak goalkeeper. The Poles could not do anything else.

Slovakia has realized one of the main sensations. Slovakia outplayed Poland. Now the Poles have driven themselves into an unenviable position. Almost 70% deprived themselves of the chance to qualify from the group and advance to the playoffs.