Paulo Dybala exposes the inside without filtration.

It is Dybala which is rumored to leave Juventus. I was glad. Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined last summer, shone in the light. Palermo's president, who was in the past with Dybala, predicted, "Dybala will go to Spain in January."

But Dybala began to prove himself. Ronaldo's disciplinary punishment, Mario Mandzukic and other injuries led to his return to the starting line-up. He is still only 24, but has played more than 150 games only in Juventus. 74 Goals 21 help was also a surprising number.

Dybala has changed a lot from the beginning of the season. Recently, I expressed an honest feeling in an exclusive interview with 'Mirror' in the UK. The media talked about past transfers such as Manchester United. In this regard, Dybala focused on whether he was willing to move the team.

Dybala said, "I do not think about the transfer market." "I am very happy at this moment in Juventus, and for now I am only lifting all trophies here."

"We have all been very good since Ronaldo joined us," said Dybala, "I think Juventus is doing very well, and Ronaldo is making great goals for the team. I'm sure I'll have to change it a bit, but I like it, "he added.