Soccer / betting picks

Betting tips for June 19 (odd 2.72)
We cried a lot for parlay betting, for other sports, for South American cup on betscorum, but we did not get that so far. That is reason for me to turn around toward this great web site I have 3 winners for today. Colombia - Qatar Colombia won against Argentina so I really don't think Qatar can stop them today. Odd is tempting 1.35. Falcao should rule in this game. I expect few balls inside Qatar's net. Mexico - Canada What would Slavisa Jokanovic say (quotation from his favorite comics Zagor) "Caramba !!!" That is going to be easy for Mexico, they are far better squad than Canada, they were always. Anything except big Mexico win would be big surprise here. For more brave they can try 45/90 1-1. Odd of 1.31 for Mexico win is to generous. Argentina - Paraguay This is weakest link of all 3 games, but I really think Argentina need to play something here, and Paraguay draw with Qatar and sent us message play against us we are so bad. Columbia beat Argentina and I am sure Messi's cheeks are shaking still after that and he need someone to wreak his anger to. Paraguay has solid defense, but they will fall in front of Messi. 1 is good odd 1.54. That takes us to calculation 1.54 x 1.31 x 1.35 = 2.72. Great and easy win I would say, unless Messi sends us another message. I hope not. That would almost triple your stake and I see no reason to skip this easy game. It's a pity and shame we can't do that on betscorum.