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Major European Clubs want to discuss a Champions League with Promotions and Relegations.
The proposal was launched this Tuesday at the General Assembly of the European Club Association (ECA) held in Amsterdam. A Champions League with Promotions and Relegations of division and disputed at the weekends? What appears as a revolution in the Champions League had one more episode this Tuesday during the General Assembly of the European Club Association (ECA), which took place in Amsterdam. According to Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, who is also the leader of the European Club Association, it was approved "to start talks to renew the Champions starting in 2024". The issue seems to divide the more than 200 clubs, with part of the ECA wishing to occupy the weekends with the Champions League, passing the national championships to Wednesdays. According to the project, in a first phase, only the qualifiers from the quarterfinals would be played on Saturday and Sunday. To remember, that at this moment the final of the Champions League is already played on a Saturday. Agnelli said at the end of the meeting that the goal is to spend some games for the weekend, alternating with the championships in each country, and that these ideas will be discussed together with UEFA in the next "12 to 16 months." What seems to be clear about this meeting in the Dutch city is that the big European clubs want to change the current costumes of UEFA's most important club competition, which would also include a number of Promotions and Relegations at the end of each season. "Relegation and Promotion of teams is something totally natural in the world of football," said Italian manager Andrea Agnelli. European clubs have again turned up against the FIFA Club World Cup, noting that the competition "is overloading" the teams' schedule. "At the same time, qualifying matches for the World Cup and the African Cup of Nations are taking place. It is a competition that leaves the calendar totally congested", said Agnelli. The European Club Association was also in favor of only two or three periods for national teams, although with longer periods.

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