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The beauty of Brazil 1982 started 36 years ago. Against USSR!
It was exactly 36 years ago when some king of magic surprised the world of football. And it was exactly on a World Cup. June 14th 1982 was the date. Seville, in Spain, the site. Brazil, the star as everybody was about to see from that day on until July 5th when a fact destroyed that team, but not its heritage of beautiful game. Brazil faced the Soviet Union with weapons such as Zico, Sócrates, Falcão, Cerezo, Éder, Júnior and Leandro - all of them really great players. The URSS seemed no challenge despite having stars as Dasaev and Blochin. But challenges are made to be shattered. And Ball understood the message. USSR 1x0 with a little help from Brazilian goalkpeer Waldir Peres. And could be 2x0 if Spanish referee Augusto Lamo Castillo decided to punish Brazil with a penalty over Schengelia in the first half. Or, maybe, 3x0, if the same man in black did the same when Luizinho put his hand before Blochin could received inside the box on the second half. Well, Mr Castillo didn't. It happens, we know. Brazil kept running for goals. And it got them. Both in wonderful manners. Sócrates and Éder, both outside the box. The fairy tale of Brazil and the world around that unforgettable team started. Until falling surprisingly in front of Italy, a shock for generations, all goals Brazilian players scored were pretty. Brazil's game also. The beautiful game. The same beautiful game that, maybe because of Mr Castillo, couldn't have happened.
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