There is a reason this only happens once a year at my local golf course. I now remember also why I gave this a skip last year. Our greenkeeper occasionally hits us with a sucker pin or two, especially during good weather or for the big competitions.

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Some of you may be wondering what a sucker pin is? It basically means he cuts the hole very close to a big break in the green, meaning if you are above the pin and you overhit your putt ever so slightly, you will be facing a ten foot putt back to the hole. Not fun, not fun at all!

Now imagine that, except not just one hole, but all of them. Also imagine the holes not cut near a hill but actually on the hill itself. Welcome to Greenkeepers revenge! He also throws in a few novelty holes. More about that later on.

18 holes of golf can be frustrating at the best of times, but when your birdie putt ends up as a triple bogey, those frustration levels can elevate quickly. However, we all know this particular competition is really just a bit of fun, so any frustrations are quickly cast aside, and you just laugh it off! There is something about a 10 foot putt rolling right up to the hole, peeking in, then saying, nah and rolling back to your feet for another 10 footer that is just not funny though!!

To win this competition you have to be hitting lots of greens in regulation and you need to be putting like an absolute demon, think Jordan Spieth when he was winning the Masters for fun. I actually drove the ball well and my iron play was fairly decent for the most part and I putted to a decent standard. Usually when you add that up yoh get somewhere close to 36 points, meaning you played to your handicap. No chance in the Greenkeepers revenge. Try 22 points!! Yep, it was an absolute slog... Around 200 people played and the winning score was 34 points. I doff my hat to the man who scored those 34 points. He would have worked hard for those and his putter must have been shit-hot!

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The novelty holes each year are a good laugh, with things like micro holes, that are only just big enough for a golf ball to fall into or have a false pin, when you get to the green you realise it is a fake pin and you actually need to putt to a pin on the far side of the green. This year's novely was a hole that was not even on the green. It was actually cut into the fringe of the green and you had to knock your putt in through that long fringe grass. It was good fun trying to guess what he'd do. Here are a few pictures I found on line of other sneaky novelty pins. Enjoy :)

I'm glad I played, but i also can't wait to play next Sunday when the pins are back to normal!

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