Could This Be The Best Opportunity For Madrid To Hook Hazard?
Source With the January transfer window still on, most clubs especially the big ones are boosting or strengthening their squad with new signings. The smaller clubs most times just have to sell their best players in order to meet up with the financial obligations of the club and sustainance of the entire team. Sometimes, these top players in those smaller teams demand for increments in their pay, and the inability to afford their new demands may attract other clubs that are ready to fulfill the player's financial requests. That's one of the reasons why teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG, Bayern etc are always at the top of the chart. They have got the money to gather these top players and of course, the impact is always clear. It's just like what just played out between Juventus and Real Madrid as regards Ronaldo's transfer. The Portuguese star had asked for an increment in his pay, but the Madrid President was reluctant. Of course, The guys from Turin came knocking, and they swept Ronaldo away from the Bernabue. Today, the effect is crystal clear. No one can deny the impact of Ronaldo on Juventus, both economically and on the pitch. Real Madrid have been on a decline since his departure to Italy, and their inability to get a suitable replacement for the Portuguese captain haven't been fruitful so far. Am pretty sure they will regret ever allowing him walk away from the Bernabue. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What about those scenarios or situations were some players intentionally refuses to extend their contract with a club. Not like they are even demanding for an increment in wages, but just putting the renewal of their contract on hold indefinitely, isn't that a tacit invitation to other clubs to come for them? I think that's the situation with the Belgian Captain Eden Hazard at Chelsea Currently. Though they have been series of media rumours in time past about the possible move of Hazard to Real Madrid, which the player himself has never denied the possibility of such move. However, the recent posture of the Chelsea star man suggests that he is not ready to commit himself at Stamford Bridge any longer. Just like some notable football analysts have said, "He has rejected two contract offers so far and says that he doesn't want to sign right now. That means he is waiting for something and that something means just one thing, Real Madrid." "Real Madrid are still interested as far as I know, but they are still yet to make their move. They don't have a personal agreement with him at this point, they don't have an agreement with Chelsea and they haven't even made the phone call like they did last summer." Says the Belgian football expert Terreur in a transfer talk Podcast. For Hazard, maybe it's time for a new challenge and perhaps a step into the bigger picture of his career. I have not been able to read in other meaning into his action than the fact that he wants Madrid to relaunch their pursuit to sign him. He has once pointed out how awesome it will be for him to play for Los Blancos. Madrid is a classy and elite club, and only the bests makes it to top clubs like Madrid. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Real Madrid have been trying to talk Chelsea into a contract over a possible move of Hazard to Spain some time ago, but it seems it fell on deaf ears, especially with Hazard's contract still subsisting. The talks seems to have been put in halt for time now, and I think it's time for Madrid to reignite their interest in the Belgian Star. With Madrid's quest to sign a "Galactico" as a possible replacement for Ronaldo having proved abortive, Hazard's stalling in signing a contract with the blues is an auspicious sign. It's a golden opportunity for them to relaunch their desire on the Belgian, and I think there is high possibility of them hitting their luck this time. I don't think there will be a better opportunity than now. Since the Signing of Neymah or Mbappe hasn't been productive, being able to sweep away Hazard will be a great boost to the team. The 28 year old has been the major driving force at the Stamford bridge, contributing 10 goals and 10 assists for Chelsea so far in the English Premier league this season. Though he once stated how happy he and his family are in London, it seems he wants a new experience, new friends and perhaps a bigger fan base. With just a year remaining in his contract with the blues, Madrid can seize this opportunity to get back to dialogue before it's too late. For me, I feel it's even easier to get a player's commitment a year to the end of his current contract. If Madrid must rise to their glory again, then a player like Hazard is worth everything.