As some of you guys already know, I'm a pretty big hockey playoff' fan. And tonight is the deciding factor if I will watch the next playoff round or not. If Boston wins, I'm out!

They're Fast

I hate the way you play, Boston, and I wish there was a weight limit for the overall team; just like in boxing. You could have Lightweight and HeavyWeight hockey and, I promise you, I'd never watch the later. The fun factor in this sport comes from fast action and fancy puck dribbles. I'm not a huge fan of big hits and fights, but I know that some are. I say, out with the punches!

Photo by it's me neosiam from Pexels ( also - boobs)

It's Been a While they Won

I think the last time they won something, we were playing on Windows NT 3.1 on our brand new Pentium PC. That's how far it is. And that's for all 4 major sports! While Toronto is not my favorite team, at least they're Canadian and that's a plus in my book. And since Montreal is out anyway I need to cheer for another team, right?

The Young Players

They have a pretty good line-up of new and young players. That is pretty neat. Young players mean new fun plays and way more entertaining to watch then old has-been Bruins. There, I said it. Bruins are boring - slow and old.

My prediction? Toronto wins. I don't care if the odds are against them.

I wish Hockey was on BetScorum...