Flexibility is great but sometimes overdoing it is a real pain in the neck! (pixabay)

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I love Tennis !

I'm too sexy for my blog

nom nom pain be gone (giphy)

Etson blasted this out all over social media, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE ON PLATFORMS FOLKS,

Parts of this Post are in a post I did on SportsTalkSocial which I've been having fun on but find Pros and Cons in both places. Overall, I find that I'm making more there but it has a lot more abuse because imho Steemit and Steem are more prone to that due to the larger volume of users. The Tribes are good but then again isn't Scorum kind of its' own Tribe too? I really hope that some bugs get ironed out and that some issues like messed up powerdowns I'm hearing of and saw pictures of are fixed ASAP.

Thanks for your support!