Hi everyone I had come across SCR on open ledger dex and researched the platform
I liked what I saw here so I bought some and moved it to to the platform here being a
former steam user it made understanding the system easy to understand.
I feel this platform has great potential with the growth of the project and see some things that Ifeel will add Value to this I saw in the white paper the intention of adding US sports be a Automatic Home run bringing American sports NFL MLB NHL maybe NASCAR on the betting platform this alone will at least triple volume I believe and will be a huge draw another issue we as Holders Users and the Team like to see more budget if possible added to MORE ADVERTISING this platform most folks I know in crypto never heard of it.
I myself a cryptocurrency trader and veteran stumbled upon a new coin on open ledger
and if i did not research it I would still never know why advertising and the Users getting the word out is extremely important
I see growth here in volume in the chart below GREAT COMMUNITY HERE I love the community here its terrific good folks from all over the world
Its a pleasure to be in such great company and thanks everyone for the follows and votes

I bet daily its fun and its about Supporting the Platform and greater success for us all of here this betting platform can be fantastic in the future with new sports added to it looking forward to it we have great developers here and they really did a great job here with everything yesterdays chart at coin market cap a extremely BEAR market SCORUM its increasing daily volume Lets get this party rolling I expect some good things with a bull leaning market after one year of hell more volume is starting to come into the TOTAL market with a total market cap of 134 billion was 121 just a week ago one would
expect buying to start in BTC ETH XRP LTC and such then expand out into future new coins projects in the works and small cap investments in crypto early buy ins and its starting now with major alts as BTC dominance is down to 50 or 51% compared to 54 and 55 a month ago and im seeing increased volume on the charts last few days