Hello fighters today I want to talk about social networks, every day we see that people use their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. These social networks have allowed to transmit knowledge messages, to know the stories of the people who live in different countries, their habits, etc. Now the owners who created the applications are currently millionaires by means of advertising that It sells to companies to promote themselves and it was even discovered that Facebook uses data from users to sell it to political companies. And you as a user is a consumer so to speak that does not generate any profit to contribute content to centralized sociles networks.

That's why today I come to bring you a different social network that something outside your comfort zone and perhaps not believe it but it is a reality:


This platform I'm talking about is whaleshares but first I want to make a comparison next:

Centralized social networks

. Lots of publicity

. Your content is centrally censored

. You don't generate rewards for your content.

. Creating communities without generating rewards

Decentralized social networks

. Free Advertising

. Free to be censored

. Generate Rewards for your content

. It creates communities where at the same time you generate rewards.

Well now that is clear the difference I want this clear concept:

What is Whaleshares?

It is a social exchange platform that allows users to share and get rewards.

How to create a Whaleshares account?

Enter here and follow the steps: Https://

How to grow on the Whaleshares platform?

. Lean of the Whaletokens, which are Multiplaforma tokens supported by shared whales and you can use it to elevate your rewards in your publications.

. Whaletokens you can get it in sponsored competitions or attending community events for it is important to have a Bitshares account to receive it


1.-Https:// here is for create Whalesahres account.

2.- is to know more information on the platform

3.-Https:// Once you have created your account you can vote for witnesses that help the platform and community develop in a decentralized way

4.-https:// or are official chat whaleshares to give you support and clarify your questions on the platform.

5.-Https:// Here you can create your account bitshares to receive your whaletokens.

This has been all for today, I encourage you to follow me on my blog and so be one of the first to read my content. Happy day and course to the new economy of social networks decentralized. Because your time is money.