We have all heard that People only use some percent of their Brain power! So do you think that we Only using 10% of our Brain power. You can check out reliable information sources like Wikipedia which proves that it is nothing but just a myth.

Let's make this more clear for you, The Human Brain is a powerful thing Which comprises Extraordinary abilities. When it comes on how to use it, I would say that it is more about being efficiency. What actually matters is how much time and energy of the Mind is used and on which things. Useful and important things should be given more priority and the less important things should be done later.

Efficiency gives you the ability to prioritize important things for oneself which transform into good habits and have a Great impact in a persons Lifestyle.

There are wonderful ideas and plans about (business, education. innovation, technology, etc.) Floating in peoples minds but ideas without a plan lead you to no where! So my suggestion would be that take the best out of every thing, ignore that rest and keep on gathering more and more Knowledge.