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You've witnessed Kasumi from Dead Or Alive battling through the Tower of Death, now let's do a male version with Jann Lee (also from Dead Or Alive) fighting against WWE superstars. Except for the man with the scroll, the hooded woman, and the curio shop owner, the guardians are played by different people this time around. Enjoy.

The Mysterious Man who gives Jann Lee the scroll

Jann Lee walks the streets of Hong Kong when he comes across a strange man (who would be played by Daniel Bryan) who gives him a mysterious scroll with texts that are not in any known languages. Jann Lee tries to ask him what it says, but the man merely points to a curio shop before leaving, not having said a single word throughout the whole encounter. Jann is taken aback by this encounter, but decides to enter the curio shop where he encounters its owner (who would be played by Diamond Dallas Page, or DDP for short).

The curio shop owner

Jann Lee and the curio shop owner have a little chat in the back about the scroll. The owner looks at the scroll carefully, and proceeds to tell Jann of the contents. The scroll talks of a mysterious 23-story tower on a mysterious island outside of Hong Kong. Many warriors of many different fighting styles have attempted to reach the top of the tower, but were unsuccessful. In fact, only a few warriors have ever returned, though without reaching the top and instead being traumatized by the sight of various combatants (and even the best martial arts Grandmasters) being easily killed by seeming otherworldly opponents. Some call this tower the Tower of Death. Jann Lee decides he wants to enter the tower to prove himself as the strongest fighter, but the owner harshly warns the Dragon that if he goes to the tower, there can be no turning back past the fifth floor. Jann Lee does not seem fazed by the warnings, and leaves the shop.

Later that night, Jann Lee has a dream. He is in a dark void with knee-high smoke. He wanders around aimlessly, and then hears the words “No one escapes death.” These words echo until Jann finally wakes up. Jann Lee starts to ponder on what the curio shop owner told him about the tower, and decides to prepare for the dangers that await him there.

The Hooded Woman
The Tower of Death

After much preparation, Jann Lee arrives at the island where the Tower of Death resides via a boat rowed by a hooded woman (who would be played by Brie Bella). As Jann departs the boat to head for the tower, the woman stops him. She warns him that if he presses on, he will eventually reach the point of no return. She also tells him of sinister forces ahead; forces that can only be destroyed by what is opposite of darkness. Jann Lee silently acknowledges her warning and then proceeds forward, preparing to face what is ahead.

The first floor: Karate guardians
An area for sparring matches
The Karate Grandmaster
Jann Lee vs. the Karate Grandmaster

As Jann Lee enters the tower, he enters the first floor. The floor is guarded by at least 20 karate practitioners, with a Karate Grandmaster (who would be played by Dead Or Alive's Hayate as the Karate master Ein). After besting all 19 practitioners very easily, Jann and the Karate Grandmaster do battle. Jann Lee easily beats Ein after a close fight, and then proceeds to the next floor.

The second floor: Kung Fu practitioners
The Kung Fu Grandmaster

The second floor is guarded by four practitioners of Kung Fu, with two of them being a grandmaster (who would be played by Dead Or Alive character Gen Fu) and his apprentice (who would be played by Dead Or Alive's Eliot). All four guardians fight in traditional Wing Chun fashion, utilizing its many forms. Jann Lee is able to beat all four practitioners and heads to the next floor.

The third floor: the Praying Mantis Guardian
The Praying Mantis Guardian

The third floor is guarded by a practioner in the art of Praying Mantis (who would be played by Fire Emblem character Mycen). In an enclosed arena, the Praying Mantis guardian stands up from his mat and challenges Jann Lee. The two do battle in traditional Kung Fu fashion. Both fight well, but Jann Lee emerges victorious and heads to the next floor.

The fourth floor: the Naginata Guardian
The Naginata Guardian
Jann Lee wielding his nunchaku against the Naginata Guardian
The mysterious man who approaches Jann Lee after the Naginata guardian is beaten

The fourth floor is guarded by a practitioner of melee combat, with particular emphasis of the use of a naginata. Jann Lee takes out his nunchaku for this fight and the two have a good melee match before Jann Lee finally beats the Naginata guardian. Jann Lee decides to leave the guardian there and is approached by a mysterious man (who would be played by WWE wrestler Baron Corbin). The man asks Jann Lee why he didn't kill the Naginata guardian and the other guardians. Jann Lee replies that he has no reason to kill, to which the man replies that he will have reason to kill soon enough.

The fifth floor: the Gatekeeper's floor
The Gate to Death
The Gatekeeper

The fifth floor is quite different from the previous four floors. There is a grand chair where the floor's guardian (who would be played by WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio) sits. There is also an entryway to a flight of stairs to the next floor; the entryway is called the Gate to Death. The guardian (called the Gatekeeper) warns Jann Lee not to go any further, telling him that he is not prepared for what lies ahead and that he must embrace the light in order to survive. Jann Lee acknowledges this warning, but wants to head to the next floor. The Gatekeeper says he will only let him pass if he beats him first. The two do battle, and the Gatekeeper is defeated despite his powerful moves. Before dying, the Gatekeeper warns Jann Lee that beyond this floor are foes with powers Jann Lee cannot understand nor cope with. Jann Lee must not ignore the reality that light is the weapon against darkness. After giving his warning, the Gatekeeper dies and vanishes. Jann Lee is taken slightly aback by the site, and realizes he must heed the warnings in order to survive the Tower of Death. He steels himself for what is ahead and proceeds to the next floor past the Gate of Death.

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