"The usefulness of a cup is it's emptiness" Bruce Lee. Be like water, is not figurative it is very literal from Master Lees' way of thinking with regard to how one should expand, contract and or be calm or crash with great power like unto the greatest natural force on earth, water! If you had ever met Bruce Lee, one thing you can come to consensus about with regard to what he may have said to you if you inquired about learning from him and it is a fact that he would have first explained to you to "Be like water", something that would stick in your mind and words that you would not forget, as well one should define oneself by one's own terms, not by measure next to another in skill or ability. Makes me think of the old saying concerning self-discipline "be like a ducks' back" meaning be able to let go and not be moved by anger as in water how it rolls off the ducks back! No matter how you interpret a mans words it is only important that you receive knowledge and understanding to your best of ability, I want to see this in society, the learning of shared knowledge and understanding!