What you can do for self defense, that can change based on the situation. Self defense techniques are the same for both men and women. Still, there are some techniques that are more suitable for women.

Maybe you can use a particular technique to defend against certain attacks and it works for you. When a woman fights against a bigger and stronger guy, that might not work. You can hit a person, but what if that person can take that hit. He will still come for you and you will not find it easy to stop him.

So how about teaching self defense to your kids?

You learn martial arts and you can use some techniques effectively in order to protect yourself, but when we talk about kids self defense, you have to think differently. If you are interested to learn more about it, please let me know, I will make more posts about it.

Most of the time, I write about martial arts and self defense for adults. I remember once a father made a comment on my post and said, he wanted his daughter to learn martial arts and she was so young that martial arts instructors suggested to wait until she grew up.

If you are a father or mother, of course, you are more concerned about your kids' safety. You can teach your kids how to react and what to do if someone is going to hurt her or him. You can teach your kids how to kick or punch, but do you think it will work against an attacker who is an adult?

Your kids can punch or kick the attacker, but it will not make any difference. When they grow up, they can definitely use that to defend themselves. You can teach your kids to use their voices to protect themselves against any sort of attack. A kid can scream and they can do better than you.

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