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Today I am going to write about one of the most powerful kicks - the round kick. You usually do the round kick with your back leg.

Before starting martial arts training, you should warm up first. You have to be flexible. You can do some exercise for legs. Then you can practice kicks.

Round kick

To do the round kick, lift your rear leg and put your weight to your front leg. Move your rear leg forward from the side and throw the kick. You have to move your waist and use your body to generate power when doing the round kick.

Body balance is very important. If you lose your balance, you cannot do the round kick properly. You have to keep your balance. After doing the round kick, don't keep your leg there, move it back instantly.

When you do the round kick, you have to consider the distance between you and your opponent. If your opponent is very close to you, it is difficult to do the round kick to your opponent's upper part of the body. You can kick low or you can step back and initiate the kick.

If your opponent is very smart, he or she can defend your round kick and catch your leg. This is a vulnerable position for you if somehow your opponent catches your leg. He/she can make you off-balance or attack you easily. So be careful when you make the round kick above the waist (upper part of the body). You can do the kick low to your opponent's leg.

When your opponents do the round kick, he/she can trick you. He/she might raise his/her leg to do the front kick, but at the final moment, he/she can change the direction and do the round kick.

Practice the round kick. Something might work for you, but that might not work for someone else. Keep practicing and see what works for you. You can watch the following video to get the idea about the round kick.

Master Wong [source]

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