No one expects to fight for self defense. Sometimes things happen and you have no choice. When someone attacks you and you see the person, still he is able to punch you or hit you. Maybe you do not know what to do in that situation. Sometimes even if you know some self defense, still, you are unable to prevent that.

So what is the problem? Did you make any mistake recognizing the attack?

Today we are going to talk about one mistake that even a martial artist can make in a street fight. You do not know self defense, you make the mistake. That's acceptable. But how about someone who learns martial art?

If you learn martial art, you know about stepping, body position, fighting stance, punching and kicking. No matter which martial art you practice, your martial art background can be recognized seeing your moves and fighting stance. For example, if you watch Bruce Lee's movies, you can see some moves that matches with Wing Chun. And some moves are similar to boxing.

Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun at the beginning of his career. Later, he learned other martial arts. Let's come back to the point. When you practice martial art, you see the professional moves, meaning, moves that an expert martial artist makes. You are familiar with these moves. You get used to it and recognize it easily.

Someone who does not learn martial art, you will not see those moves that you are used to seeing when you do sparring with your partner. He can jump here and there. Or do something that maybe you do not see people do just before attacking. If you fail to recognize the attacker's attack, you might fail to defend yourself against that attack.

You learn some self defense and you think no one can hurt you. That's not true. The attacker can hurt you if you underestimate him. So never underestimate your opponent. Just seeing someone's physical appearance, you cannot come to an conclusion what he or she is capable of doing.

So if you practice martial art, try to recognize the moves people make on the street to attack other people. Then you can recognize that easily and do not make a mistake when it comes to self defense.

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