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Participating in this week’s freaky Friday, couldn't wait for the topic to come around cos it’s just pointing at me in imagination. I have always been a fan of Martial arts, kung-fu, taekwondo and other related arts.

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There is no Buddha.

Growing up in our small china town, Gounzhou, has been a needle in the hay stack. You struggle to survive the climate, the market thugs, street thugs, thieves in ninja disguise, name it, a whole lot of difficulties. You can’t just mention the government; you will get whipped, stoned and detained. Sometimes I think it’s because of the population or maybe lack of proper education, now turns around to hunt us. We were taken for granted.

We live in harmony with each other, in peace of the soul, we helped each other with whatever work we could find ourselves do. The people will lament of lack of good medical attention/service because there was no money.

Our elders had gone to the temple on occasions uncountable to seek help and solution from the great Buddha, but yet all was the same. They all gave up when the only child of the monk’s brother died in the temple, there was a great silence, everyone waited for miracle; yet nothing. All the monk kept saying was prayers for the repose of his soul. He also said something like a great Lightning coming, in form of a man. Everyone took to their heels in fear; I just waved it away because I stopped believing in Buddha.


My obsession with Kung-fu martial Art.

‘’FINISH HIM’’ that was our master ordering me to finish Shituo, my friend. We engaged in a combat training. I would give up everything for him, he always have my back, but telling me to finish my friend, that’s impossible, why did we agree to fight each other at first. It was like in the movies when Jet-li will have no other option than to fight his friend to make it out of the dungeon. I did finish him anyway and lived with the guilt as I walked out of the temple hall.

Since some of us from the poverty grounded part of Gounzhou couldn’t afford to go to school, we decided to take the martial art class. The idea of that was for us to defend ourselves if war should come or for self defence. Martial arts as my grandfather said while he was still alive; ‘‘Kung-fu is not for violence, or maybe to show how strong you are, but to heal the mind and soul from the wounds within and save yourself from yourself by discovering your true self’’. Shit!! Could it be that I still remember that? I was just seven when he said that, I will always sit by him every morning as he takes his kung-fu yoga session with his students. He knew I would love to be his student, but he never wanted me to, maybe I was still young so I thought but reasons were only known to him.

He only told me that my destiny will open me up when am ready, I am still waiting. I joined the Kung-fu class and continued to practice. Sometimes I would say to myself; I am ready, now I can fight those thugs who disturb our peace. Always trying to stand up for the people. I gave up when I got beaten mercilessly by a girl from the harmonious life part of our town Gounzhou North. That day I was showing off with my little skills when I mistakenly kicked a young boy and then Bam, it was the son of the Guard Lord. I just heard the guards approaching; I turned to run when I received a heavy kick on my cheek kabooom kabooom. Whaaatt!! Did she just slap me with her legs? A’ma show you what I’ve got. Imagine a girl disgracing me in the market, hell no, not me. I used all the moves I have learn in the Kung-fu martial art class just for them to turn me down. Every step I made, she had mastered. Before I could lift my leg, I would have received like 4 kicks on different parts of my body.

To make my case worse, she used her index finger to keep me still by plunging my neck. I became paralysed immediately, then Kaboom,kaboom, kaboom, that was what I was getting for my silly act of EGO. Like in the Mortal Combat Game I said in my heart; ‘’FINISH HIM’’. But the chief body guard stopped her immediately and I was spared from other punishments, I have gotten some already, from the girl with the Dragon Tattoo that was another shame to live with, added to the guilt of fighting my friend.



As my grandfather do say; ‘’Ego is like a beautiful woman, in the morning she is sweet, in the afternoon she becomes sour and at night bitter, treat her well to overcome her’’.

I learnt my lesson after the last incident in the market. I decided to befriend the girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Before I could do that, I have to practice, so I gave up my Ego.

I went to classes earlier than the time. Practised harder than every other students and then I began to understand all my grandfather said.


On a beautiful Friday morning, few villagers were awake, preparing for the morning rituals in the temple; some were sweeping the floors while others were doing some other things.

We heard some sort of noise. It was coming from the Gounzhou North. What struck my mind was the girl, the dragon tattoo girl. I rushed out of the temple immediately, rode my horse down to the north. Their house was on fire, some Ninjas had come earlier that morning from the east to steal and kill her father. They didn’t succeed with the killing so they decided to burn them to death and left. No one could help because the fire had escalated her father, mother and brother had managed to escape leaving her behind.

I tried to go in through the door but no way, everywhere was on fire. I had to climb a tree near the house just to get in. I didn't know how and where to find her because the house was big and the bigger problem is I don’t know her name. What do I do? I was getting burned so I managed to find their kitchen and use some water to stop the fire as much as I could.

I did the entire dirty job of putting out the fire till I put out some part. I heard her coughing, so I rushed and carried her. She was lying half dead on the floor. How do we leave the fire, the roof is falling and I can’t carry her and climb back on the tree. She whispered the curtain, so soaked the curtain and blanket that I found and covered her up threw her down from the window on the back of my horse and I jumped down, cracking my knee joint.

Everyone including her family was grateful and thanked me. Her father asked my name, and promised to reward me handsomely, but I rejected the offer and told him to do it for my town, but my name?? I didn’t tell him because I fainted. And when I woke up, I was back to the real world…..

I hated my Imagination.