My father and I took a road trip July 24-25th to see two baseball games at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies were facing my Dads favorite team, the Los Angles Dodgers. It was about a 6 hour car ride from home to get there. 

Waiting for the gates to open 2 hours prior to first pitch

We arrived with plenty of time to get oriented and look around. So we walked to China town.

China town Philadelphia 

The Reading market was just around the corner, so why not stop there for a steak and cheese!

I have had better in Buffalo, but don't tell them that

So, the first night, the game went into the 16th inning! The 7:05 start was well into the next day, I think we left around 1:30 am.

wide angle shot of the field

We had great seats both days!

We took the train back to the hotel real late that first night. Roaming the Philly streets with your dad decked out in Dodger paraphernalia is not my idea of a good time. There was this giant homeless-make shift tent city at city hall, so I only took a pic of the top.

And we found someone really crazy!

take your pick

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for looking!