On the 14th, Ryu Hyun-jin will be pitching the bullpen on the first training day at the Glendale Camelback Ranch in Arizona. During the offseason, he was training himself in Seoul and Japan, Okinawa, and was confident of a healthy body condition. He threw 35 balls to speed up the preparation of the season.

The Dodgers will start the playoffs on the 24th and their first game on the regular season is March 29th. Ryu Hyun-jin plans to take up the condition five times in the demonstration match according to the opening game. Ryu, who focuses on 'health' this season, has 20 goals. Ryu Hyun-jin, who entered the major league in 2013, has the highest number of seasons in his first year of his debut and his 14th record in the following year.

After qualifying as a freelancer (FA) at the end of last season, the qualifying offer of the club is a one-year contract, Lee Hyun-jin, who has been accepted by the Dodgers, is expected to build the strongest mound with his colleagues such as Ace Clayton Kershaw.

Dodgers has been named the team with the best mound of the season in 2019. He analyzed that he had influenced the Dodgers to raise the mound. "Dodgers pitchers will miss 3.87 per game" through a statistical forecasting system. This number is the smallest of the 30 major leagues.

One of the four reasons why the Dodgers are considered to be the strongest mound is Kershaw and Ryu Hyunjin's remnants. Dodgers had signed a two-year contract with key players left-handed Ryu Hyun-jin and Kershaw for three years. "It is a welcome thing that Ryu Hyun-jin has accepted the qualifying offer and is welcome," Kershaw said. "It's not as good as when the performance reaches its peak, but it will still be able to serve as a starting pitcher above average."