LA Angels Shohei Ohtani realized Ido-ryu in 118 years in the Major League.

On the 5th,Otani appeared as a starting pitcher in the home game against the Chicago White Sox at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, and appeared as a second batter.

Ohtani was the third in the history of the big leagues that the starting pitcher played a good batter in one game, rather than the mandatory pitcher as a batter like the National League. It has been 118 years since Jack Dunleavy of the Cardinals of St. Louis on September 8, 1903.

In Japan, Ohtani, who once played an active role as a starting pitcher and hitter in one game, has not played at the same time since joining the major leagues in 2018. On the day he started as a starting pitcher,he didn't play as a batter. In the past two years,he has been unable to play well as a pitcher due to injuries. So, several experts advised him to give up the second-hand style and focus on the other. However,Otani said that he would continue to challenge hyun-jin ryu while preparing for this season, and in the demonstration game, he played as a pitcher and a batter with a healthy body.

Ohtani, who raised expectations for the regular season by joining the starting pitcher and hitter twice in this year's demonstration game, performed'Ido-ryu' in the first appearance of the season. Although there is a designated hitter system in the American League,Otani also stood as a hitter.

Ohtani surprised everyone with the pitcher and batter.From the first inning,Otani, who sprinkled a fast ball of more than 160km and started a good start with one walk, no hit,no run,hit a home run in the first at-bat at the end of the first. He blasted a solo gun in mid-year by hitting a fastball of 97 miles in the first pitch that Ellen Siege scattered in all of his opponents' starters.The batting speed was 115.2 miles about 185.3 km and it was a large home run with a distance of 137 m,the first home run hit by a starting pitcher since 1973 when the designated hitter was introduced in the American League.

He scored the first RBI in the starting game. If the Angels keep the lead to the end and Ohtani throws more than 5 innings to become the victorious pitcher, Ohtani will make a history of winning RBIs with the victorious pitcher.

Ohtani prevented the White Sox from scoring with a fast ball of up to 101.1 miles about 162.7 km. But unfortunately, it was struck ahead of the requirement for a winning pitcher in the 5th inning ahead of 3-0. It was replaced by allowing a 3-3 tie while giving 3 points for explosive blows and errors. He scored 2 hits in 4⅔ innings, 5 walks, 7 strikeouts, and 3 runs (1 ERA).

In the second at-bat, he retreated to the center fielder fly in the second inning and the ground ball in front of the shortstop in the fourth inning and scored 3 at-bats, 1 hit and 1 RBI.

As a starting pitcher, Ohtani's genius was proved by showing off the real two swords by throwing a high-speed ball of over 160 km and hitting a home run.

He showed the possibility that the next chance he could hit a winning pitcher and a winning RBI at the same time.

The game ended like a drama in close battle.The Angels, who scored 1 point at the beginning of the 9th inning and allowed a 4-4 tie, won 7-4 with Jared Walsh's ending 3-4 at the end of the 9th inning.