This year's World Series runners-up, the Houston Astros, heralded a wild move in the free agent market.For the next several years,he is openly expressing his will to maintain a win-now keynote.

According to ESPN Buster Olney wrote on social media on the 22nd The Astros continue to send messages to other teams and agents that they are willing to compete fully in the years to come.The signing of Justin Verlander fits that, and they are still elite shortstop.

This means that you will make a solid investment without sparing money. Houston won the 2017 World Series. But in 2019, it was revealed that they had systematically stolen autographs, and was branded a false win.To make up for this, he succeeded in advancing to the World Series again this season,but this time he was hit by the Atlanta Braves. Houston started the Stove League splendidly by signing a 1+1 year, $50 million contract with veteran ace Justin Verlander from Cy Young.

Verlander was popular with teams looking to win next season.It was a one-year short-term contract,so it was worth using.He jumped before signing for the Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays and even Atlanta.According to MLB Network John Heyman, the Yankees offered Verlander $25 million a year. Houston shot twice as much as the Yankees.

Houston's next target is shortstop.It seems difficult to catch inside free agent Carlos Correa.Correa turned down Houston's five-year, $160 million offer. Correa and Corey Seager are expected to total $300 million. Instead, Marcus Simien, Javier Baez, and Trevor Story can be signed for $160 million.

Houston also needs center field, said.They are also in contact with Sterling Marte.It is interesting to see how much Houston will spend in this Stove League.