The mother of the audience danced and enthusiastic about her son.It was an unforgettable day for oakland Athletics outfielder Ka'ai Tom Right-handed left-handed outfielder Tom was silent with a 7th batting left fielder starting at the 2021 Major League Baseball Astros' home game at the Oakland Coliseum, California, USA on the 5th hereinafter referred to as with a 3 at-bat-free strikeout and 1 strikeout. However,Tom caused an unexpected topic at the beginning of the ninth episode. Oakland, behind 2-9, put left fielder Tom on the mound as a pitcher. As the win-loss declined, he saved his bullpen and took out the beast's pitcher back card for the event. You can see it quite often in major leagues Tom, who was the first to climb the mound since high school, threw it in a very easy form. He had a top speed of 72.4 miles (117 km) and a fastball average of 70.1 miles (113 km). The second curve to his leader, José Altuve, was only 57.7 miles (92 km). As the only change ball in the game on this day, it was greatly out of the strike zone. All the remaining 19 balls are fastballs. Even with a slow ball, Tom stopped well. It was a Houston batting line that exploded 35 points in the opening four straight matches, but the timing wasn't right for Tom's Arirangball. Altube was caught as a shortstop and Kyle Tucker was caught on second base. Robel Garcia's misspelled ball headed for third base against the shift, hitting the infield, but yordan Alvarez went out with a ground ball at shortstop. From the time tom climbed on the mound until the innings were over, there was an exceptionally loud cheer in the stands above the oakland third base dugout. It was Tom's mother Bobby and his girlfriend Britney. Whenever her son caught the out count, her mother raged with her arms raised, shook her body, clapping and clapping. Her girlfriend also took a video on her cell phone, and she was delighted with it. After the game,Tom said,I didn't want the ball to fly to me. Every time the batters swung the bat, they flinched. I was curious about what it felt like to be a pitcher, but it was a fun experience.No matter how many people scream, you can always hear your mother's voice. He laughed when he saw her mother waving her hand from the time he climbed the mound.he said,My mother always cheers me on.Tom's mother was awesome with her son's pitching, she said, but I hope oakland will never be in this situation again,she said. Oakland lost all four opening matches to Houston. Tom's pitching was also oakland's unavoidable backlash, which consumed the pitching team with 35 runs before the opening four consecutive years.Tom, who moved from the Cleveland Indians to oakland through the Rule 5 draft last December, made his big league debut this year. He was silent with no hits in six at-bats in the opening series, but reported his first hit with a heavy hit in the fourth at-bat in the eighth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the sixth. However, oakland lost 3-10 to the Dodgers and lost their 5th straight victory.