Los Angeles Angels left-handed Tyler Skaggs, who passed away at the age of 27 in July 2019, had a battle over the cause of his death in a court of law.

On the 9th,ESPN reported the trial of Eric Kay,a former Angels public relations team employee, who is accused of giving Skaggs an illegal narcotic pain reliever and causing his death.

At the trial held yesterday in Fort Worth District Court,Texas, the defendants argued that Kay was not directly responsible for Skaggs death.

In the process, a new argument was raised.On the day of his death, the deceased took two blue pills and one pink pill, and when Kay asked where the pink pills came from,Skaggs replied that he had received the drug from Harvey.

Kay's attorneys further claimed that Kay, who was addicted to opioids, was supplied with the drug by an employee named Hector Vazquez,who oversees the Angel Stadium referee locker room.It feared it could be the worst scandal since eleven MLB players were suspended for cocaine in 2016.

In this regard, prosecutors claimed that Kay was the only source of drugs for Skaggs.Assistant Attorney Lindsey Veran argued that Eric Kay was Tyler Skaggs' drug dealer.

Andrew Heaney,a former colleague of Skaggs,was also present as a witness.At this meeting,Heaney stated about the away schedules of major league players and access rights to the players.He declined to be asked if Skaggs knew he was taking drugs.

Defendants cannot prove that there is a direct link between Skaggs cause of death and drug use, and even if it proves this,it cannot prove that the drug Kay delivered resulted in death,and even if the drug delivered resulted in death,the drug was used in the Texas where the deceased died.He claimed innocence, saying that it is unknown whether it was transmitted from

ESPN said the next hearing is due in two weeks.The court battle over Skaggs's signature is expected to continue.