They couldn't join the 26-man roster at the opening of the MLB, so they only accompanied the MLB players in the away game.They were so-called tinky players who were put into the game only when the injured came out.Then one day, one of the Texas players was injured. It seemed that an opportunity was coming to Yang Hyeon-jong.But Texas coach Chris Woodward's choice was Garcia. Garcia, who got off the ‘Taxi’ on the 14th, was immediately put into the game and preheated with one hit in four at-bats.And the next day, on the 15th, he directed a novel scene where home runs were rejected not once but twice.In the Tampa Bay race, Garcia hit a home run over the right fence in the early 7th inning.Not only Garcia,but the crowd,TV casters,and Tampa Bay outfielders all thought it was a home run.However, Garcia's ball bounced heavily into the field after hitting the yellow line above the right fence. Garcia thought it was a home run and slowly turned the base. At the moment of turning the second base, Garcia started running at full speed when he saw the Tampa Bay left fielder catching up with the ball into the field. Garcia thought of Inside the Park Home Run and ran to the home plate.He slid head-first, avoiding the catcher's tag, and barely touched the home plate with his left hand.The referee declared safe.It was an inside the park home run.However,Tampa Bay immediately requested to read the video.As a result,it was determined that the catcher's tag was fast.It was out.Then this time,I asked for a video reading on a Texas bench. It was alleged that the ball that Garcia struck went over the right fence, but the video read it wasn't a home run.After losing home runs twice like this,Garcia hit his first home run in a well-geared major league the next day.It was the final two-run gun at the beginning of the 10th inning against Tampa Bay. The Texas bench went wild. Garcia's bat did not stop.The momentum rose,he played almost every game after that leading the team's hitting line.In the away game against the Los Angeles Angels on the 22nd,Garcia also hit a 3-point home run in the first half of the 8th inning.Thanks to this, Texas won 7-4.The Texas bench was even more upset.In nine games with Garcia,texas won six. Director Woodward didn't know that Garcia,who hadn't expected it, would do so well.When Garcia, from the “Taxi Squad,” made a big success, the media also paid attention.The Dallas Morning News called Garcia "Cinderella." He even mentioned the word "super star." It is not known how long Garcia's momentum will last. However, the atmosphere of Texas is very satisfactory based on his activities to that day.Yang Hyeon-jong can also climb the MLB mound right now and play the same role as Garcia.In fact, the words are “taxi squad,” and their skills are never behind those of the 26-man rosters.Garcia proved this. It is noteworthy whether such an opportunity will come sooner or later for yang hyeon-jong.