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The fascination of changes in the MLB
Manny Machado and the Venezuelans Wilson Ramos, Asdrúbal Cabrera and Eduardo Escobar, Steve Pearce, Mike Moustakas and the Dominican Marcell Osuna, were just some of the players who changed teams during that race against the time that every year is unleashed in the Great Leagues at the end of July. The last of the month is the deadline for the thirty squads of the majors to exchange players, without the obligation to make them available to any other team that might require it, thus nullifying the possibility of initial barter with a particular ninth. This chapter of the changes is one of the most fruitful in the history of the Major Leagues, and today we want to test once again, their knowledge on the subject, but especially, to bring them up to date of transcendental details such as those that will appreciate below . For example, Johan Santana. Recently the Venezuelan pitcher was elevated to the Hall of Fameparticular of the Minnesota Twins. As he passed through Minnesota in 2000 and 2007, the southpaw won the "Cy Young" award twice, 4 times was American League leader in strikeouts and 2 times in ERA. Did you know that Santana could provide that domain with two other sets before reaching the Twins? He signed originally with the Houston Astros in 1995, but on December 13, 1999, the Florida Marlins took him for Rule 5 as he was not protected by the Astros, and that same day the Marlins sent him to Minnesota for pitcher Jared Camp. . And did you know that on November 18, 1954, the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles gave and received seventeen players, the largest trade in history in the majors? The Yankees received pitchers Bob Turley, Don Larsen and Mike Blyzka, infielder Billy Hunter, catcher Darrell Johnson, starter Dick Kryhoski and outfielder Jim Fridley. Orioles pitchers Harry Bird, Jim McDonald and Bill Miller, receivers Don Leppert, Hal Smith and Gus Triandos, first baseman Ted Del Guercio, Cuban shortstop Willie Miranda, infielder Kal Segrist and gamekeeper Gene Woodling. Remember when and where Omar Vizquel and Miguel Cabrera were transferred for the first time in the majors? On December 20, 1993, the Seattle Mariners sent Vizquel to the Cleveland Indians for infielder Felix Fermin, outfielder Reggie Jefferson and a sum of money. Vizquel was the Cleveland shortstop until 2004. And on December 4, 2007, Cabrera moved from the Marlins to the Detroit Tigers in the company of pitcher Dontrelle Willis, pitchers Dallas Trahern, Andrew Miller, Eulogio de la Cruz and Burke Badenhop, outfielder Cameron Maybink and catcher Mike Rabelo. The right slugger is still in Detroit. And see this. Since the "Most Valuable" award was made official in 1931, eight players won it the year after moving from one team to another. Receiver Mike Cochrane from the Athletics to the Tigers in 1934, pitcher Bucky Walters from the Phillies to the Reds in 1938, third baseman Bob Elliott from the Pirates to the Braves in 1947, outfielder Roger Maris from the Athletics to the Yankees in 1961, the gamekeeper Frank Robinson of the Reds to the Orioles in 1966, the first Puerto Rican baseman Orlando Cepeda of the Giants to the Cardinals in 1967, the first baseman Dick Allen of the Dodgers to the White Sox in 1971, and the pitcher Rollie Fingers from the Padres to the Brewers in 1981. And the first opportunity in which two Venezuelan players were sent together to the same ninth? On December 6, 1984, the San Diego Padres sent the Chicago White Sox to infielder Luis Salazar and a minor league shortstop named Oswaldo Guillén, pitchers Bill Long and Tim Lollar, for pitchers Kevin Kristan, Todd. Simmons and LaMarr Hoyt. Did you already know that twelve players spent at least twenty consecutive years with the same team without being changed? With 23 in the Orioles, third baseman Brooks Robinson, and with the Red Sox the outfielder Carl Yastrzemski, with 22, the initialist Cap Anson with the Cubs, the outfielders Stan Musial with the Cardinals, Al Kaline with the Tigers and Mel Ott with the Giants With 21, the pitchers Walter Johnson with the Senators and Ted Lyons with the White Sox, and the outfielder Willie Stargell with the Pirates. And with 20, shortstop Luke Appling with the White Sox, and Red Faber pitchers with the White Sox and Mel Harder with the Indians. Again in 2018, shortstop Machado went from the Orioles to the Dodgers, catcher Ramos and shortstop Cabrera to the Rays and the Mets to the Phillies. Escobar of the Twins to the Jingle Bells, the initialist Pearce of the Blue Jays to the Red Sox, and the third baseman Moustakas of the Royals to the Brewers. How will they be happening in their new equipment?

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