Where does Tai Chi’s image from weak and strong come from?

As a product of the cold weapon era, boxing requires fighting to win, and even needs to take human life. Therefore, most boxing gives the impression that there must be physical strength, strength, and speed to have the ability and effect to win. For example, China’s picking and paying attention is quick and accurate. In modern boxing competitions, the players are all physically strong, paying attention to how much power can be punched out, how many punches per second and the speed of the body. None of the heavyweight world champions is thin and weak, basically a muscular man with a strong body.

However, some people say that Chinese Taijiquan is the boxing technique of the weak, paying attention to the four or two, and weakening and winning. Tai Chi fans are very slow when they practice routines, and they are not allowed to use force. If you only need to practice like this, it is really very easy. The boxing also said that the punches were repeated for many times. When it comes to the present, it is time to master the martial arts cheats. At that time, it should be invincible.

Wang Zongyue’s boxing theory says: “There are many side-speaking skills. Although there are differences, there is nothing but strong bullying, slow and quick ears. Powerful powerlessness, slow hand and quick hand, are innate natural energy, non-official And there is also the right. Inspecting the words of four or two, it is not a strong victory; Guan Yu can be the shape of the sect, how can it be?" In Tai Chi, this boxing theory is almost the highest guiding principle of Tai Chi. Therefore, it has strengthened the thoughts of the practitioners of Taijiquan: We cultivated the boxing technique of weak and strong strength. This kind of soft routine is practiced day by day, and you will go down one by one as soon as you enter me. As long as the kung fu is deep and the iron column is ground into a needle, I can become a kung fu master. Unfortunately, this is also a misunderstanding of boxing.

It is a kind of mourning that Taijiquan can be weak and strong. Chinese culture and art have contributed a lot to the spread of this concept. The same is true of film art, telling everyone how Tai Chi is weak and strong.

The film "Myth" filmed by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun made an artistic perfection for Tai Chi. When Jackie Chan discovered the immortality medicine in the underground Emperor's Mausoleum, he collided with the villain and was defeated by the villain Professor Gu Taiquan. In the film, the deputy general of the Daqin Empire and Jackie Chan's swift attack were calmly resolved by the ancient professor, and every attack seemed to be in the air. In response to the boxing theory, the left-handedness is the left-handedness, the right-handedness is the right-handedness, and the four-and-two-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand I also admired these shots that year.

Such a lens may give a weak impression on the shape, but to do the "left weight is left, right and right", do not know how much better than the opponent, how much stronger. So much so is the actual fighting. In Hong Kong in the 1950s, Tai Chi Chuan Wu Gongyi and Bai He Quan Chen Kefu had a Tai Chi Chuan flavor on the stage. Not at all.

It is impossible to win with a weak victory, and it is also a small probability event in a war.

It is hard to find a case about martial arts that is weak and strong. In the Water Margin, Yan Qing was able to defeat Li Wei. In the movie "Troy", the Achilles single-handed giant Baagrius was killed. These seem to be able to show that they are weaker and stronger, but this only shows that people with small physiques have the opportunity to defeat the more physically versatile people, because whether it is Yanqing or Achilles, they are all highly skilled people. .

It was not a weak person because of the prestige of Taijiquan. It is said that Yang Luchan’s hometown, Yongnian, circulates the allusion of “Yang Laochan stroller – Ping Duan”; Chen Changxing of Chenjiagou is known as “Mr.”; Hao Weizhen uses eighty pounds of iron rods to practice Taiji Shakes.

With regard to war, some cases of weak and strong that can be passed down through the ages are precisely because of the eternal spread, which also shows that the probability of occurrence is very small. For example, the battle of Wells in Han Xin, the Battle of Chibi in the Eastern and Southern Years, the Battle of Surabaya in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. We always hope that the art of war can provide some tricks and tricks, so that we can win in a weak situation, just as we hope to learn some martial arts cheats, and then we can be invincible. .

There is a saying in Sun Tzu's Art of War, which may often be misunderstood: "Take a positive and a strange victory." This makes people think that the moment of victory is surprisingly successful, winning through some irregular actions. actually not. The word Qi is here to read. In the classical Chinese, the meaning is redundant. The so-called squadron is not a miracle that descends from the sky to give you a miracle, but a redundant reserve team that plays a role at a critical time.

First of all, when fighting, the frontal troops must be arranged, in compliance with regulations, and able to confront the enemy. This is positive. If there are extra troops at this time, you will win.

The more description of Sun Tzu's Art of War is similar to this: "Ten is surrounded by five, and five are attacked. If the battle is over, the enemy can divide it, and if it is small, it can be kept. If not, it can be avoided." Basically speaking, how to win over weak.

It is not in accordance with the law to weaken and win. If we can win with weakness, then what do we have to do to keep improving? What are the hard work exercises every day? The weaker we are, the better we can win with weaker ones. To win the weak is the biggest myth of Tai Chi.

Gong Kechang and Wang Xiang’s brothers who just learned to punch in the same year: Gong Kechang stood next to the sand pool, let Wang Xiang’s brother push, and could not push into the sand pool; another time, in The office pushed the hand, Wang Xiang was released to the door by Gong Kechang, and the door was also smashed.

This is in response to the sentence of the military law: "With positive harmony, to win oddly." Pushing your hand on the front, you have insufficient skill and no extra strength. There is absolutely no way to win. Without skill, all the skills are mirages.

If you don't have the time, you can only push the circle and how can you win?

Therefore, Tai Chi Chuan should be weaker and stronger, to win the weaker.

** If you practice Tai Chi every day, it is easy and comfortable, sorry, you may never learn Tai Chi.