So Cocaine Jones is in the MMA Media waves again, not only for allegedly ripping off Frank Lester, ex Jackson-Winkeljohn striking coach, but going off on Adesanya wanting to fight him saying Adesanya in layman's terms that Adesanya is sipping his own kool aid and warning him to not get too delusional or he'll expose him. Then man's talking about how he was beating Santos on the feet and Santos never touched him in the face.

I don't know what Jones been snorting on but Santos on one leg was giving him a fight AND Santos touched his face more than once. Here's the proof below:

You don't make that face if Santos didn't touch you
Proof #2 - not 100% clear but at least 90%

If anyone is sipping his own kool aid, it's Jon. Dude REALLY thinks he was whooping Santos pre-one good leg and post-one good leg. I'm sorry but when has Jon knocked anyone out on the feet? I get it Stylebender a middleweight and Jones is a light heavyweight. Jones has a chin and Stylebender's chin is questionable after the Gastelum fight. If Jones doesn't unlock that wrestling he has in his backpocket and acts like he a 10 time world championship kickboxer, Adesanya will show him what real striking is and has that in layers unlike Jon. Also this is going to sound like a hot take and you may hear/read it here first, but I don't think Jon's wrestling will be a factor when he pulls it out if he fights Adesanya. Either way there will always be questions in MMA and hopefully Adesanya answers some this Saturday. Cheers