What a performance by Cowboy! Round 1 finish!

At the end of the very 1st round, Cowboy sunk in a deep arm-bar and Perry was forced to tap.

The fight

Lots of clinching and exchanging knees between the two warriors, and explosions from Perry. Perry then landed a take-down, which Cowboy reversed. After a few scrambles and a rear naked attempt, Cowboy got the arm-bar and the win!

Great to see Cowboy bring his son into the ring with him afterwards! What a great and exciting life his son has ahead of him!

Most WINS and FINISHES in UFC history!

More wins than GSP and more finishes than Anderson Silva. Wow... that's a seriously impressive and elite stat!

Whats next for Cowboy? 155!

He will be going to 155! But who will he fight? You know what... I wouldn't be as surprised as we all think if he fights Conor next. Or maybe Pettis? Both would be great fights. Actually the Pettis fight sounds pretty interesting!

Who do you want to see Cowboy fight at 155?