Michael Johnson took this fight on 2 weeks notice, and has missed the 146lb limit buy 1 more pound, weighing in at 147lbs.

The UFC will deduct 20% of Michael's pay and give this to his opponent Artem Lobov.

Artem Lobov has said that he will not accept the 20% and Johnson can keep it. Respect to Artem. He is happy that Michael took the fight and he still gets to compete. He understands the 2 weeks is hard to make the weight limit, and is happy Michael stepped in and allowed him to fight.

Officially Artem has to be paid the extra 20%, but he has asked UFC to just pay Michael in full to save him transferring hassle.

I wont go into weight classes now again it shows just how much weight these guys cut. I would think Johnson weighs about 170, maybe even 180 when he is out of camp. Crazy, as I weigh about 175 and couldn't imagine cutting to 145....

The fight is on, enjoy fight fans!